Type Gallery – Sierra

Font Designer: Kris Holmes, 1989
Sierra™ was designed in 1989 by Kris Holmes, who also worked together with Charles Bigelow on the design for Lucida®. The typeface is an antiqua with a large x-height and generous, open counters. Many curves of the letters are almost right angles, which was particularly suited to the Digiset machines from Dr. Ing. Rudolf Hell, Kiel. The forms of Sierra with their flowing stroke contrast and half serifs have a calligraphic touch, which is especially highlighted in the italic weights. This is a graceful text face and its bold weights look almost like woodcuts. Sierra is an excellent choice for both texts and headlines. In 1990, Linotype AG merged with Dr.-Ing Rudolf Hell GmbH, forming the Linotype-Hell AG (today Linotype GmbH). Since then, Linotype has been the official source of all fonts that were originally designed for the Hell Corporation. Linotype has also improved the typefaces using new technologies, including OpenType.
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Sierra as a PDF.

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