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Font Designer – Louis Oppenheim

Louis Oppenheim (born 1879 in Coburg, died 1936 in Berlin) was a Graphic design graphic artist, painter and type designer. Born in Coburg, Oppenheim studied in London from 1899 to 1906. He moved to Berlin and started his work as a graphic artist in 1910, signing his work with his initials, “LO” and working for clients such as AES, the Reichsbahn, Persil and Adrema.
Oppenheim worked for the type foundry Bertholdand created a handful of significant and wide-spread typefaces, all of which share modernist characteristics, such as Lo-Type® BQ (1913) and Fanfare™ (1927) which are still in wide use today.
Lo-Type has been modified by Erik Spiekermann for use in photosetting applications.
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