Sirichana and Sukothai from Linotype

Two Linotype Thai designs released in OpenType: Sirichana and Sukothai

Linotype is proud to announce the re-rerelease of two classic Thai typefaces: Sirichana and Sukothai. As fully functioning OpenType fonts, these designs are now ready for contemporary use! These two typefaces may be used together or separately. As a pair, they complement each other well – one is up-to-date in its appearance, while the other is old fashioned, but with style. Using these two designs together is similar to mixing a great sans and serif face.
Sukothai and Sirichana

Sirichana is a monolinear Thai typeface. Its modern design incorporates traditional proportions, but its forms are almost geometric in their construction. Aside text, users may consider using Sirichana for headlines or logos.
Sirichana font sample

Sukothai is a traditional Thai typeface, whose design based on early foundry type designs from Linotype. It is classic and distinct. Users will find that Sukothai can set good type at any size.
Sukothai font sample

The OpenType Sirichana and Sukothai families each include Light and Bold weights. The fonts include Latin glyphs whose design matches the Thai well in scale and texture. The Latin component Frutiger® and Optima® supports most Western European languages, making Sirichana and Sukothai ideal for setting bilingual texts.

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