Legibility looks sharp in new tailor-made type system – Autumn, 2007

Typeface family Satero® – clarity & readability

Bad Homburg, Autumn 2007. In a grand salute to legibility, Linotype announces the release of the typeface family Satero®, a text type system designed by award-winning calligrapher Werner Schneider. Using classical concepts, Professor Schneider has produced a set of clearly sculpted, space-saving characters that pare away all unnecessary elements. Guided by the theory that readers in the information age need to quickly and easily understand written material – and that type should facilitate this – Satero establishes a new standard for quick comprehension, and a benchmark of legibility for years to come.

Satero is the creation of Professor Werner Schneider, widely known for his thin, well-balanced Roman capitals and his dynamic Italics. His previous work includes such memorable typefaces as trendsetting signage typeface Vialog® (together with Helmut Ness) as well as his new brush scriptface Sunetta™. In designing the Satero Type System, Schneider, whose name means ‘tailor’ in German, has tailor-made a versatile type family that adds clarity to body text or small format headlines and is especially suited to applications in directories, magazines, newspapers and catalogs.

The Satero Type System includes two groups whose basic forms are identical. The Sans Serif features more horizontally differentiated forms than common grotesques, assisting in their legibility. The corresponding Serif employs an asymmetrical approach, avoiding „elephant feet” altogether. This creates a progressive dynamic, which combines with the font’s narrow nature, making it ideal for newspaper and magazine applications, where space is precious.

Schneider’s original vision for Satero was to create a Roman type family that offered a high degree of legibility for readers, by combining a starkness of detail with a moderating dash of freedom. The resulting type system applies this principle of reduction to both Serif and Sans Serif forms. Essential parts of the letters “a”, “c”, “e”, “r” and “s” are placed at the
x-height line, the most important determiner of legibility in a line of text.
At the same time, simplified forms of “d”, “f” and “t” lend Satero a look that is pleasing to look at, while lowercase letters such as “y” emphasize its organic flow. In all cases, Satero succeeds in creating an environment of extreme clarity.

If any form is either too unique – or too conservative! – alternative letters are also available. The alternative “a” and “g” are particularly intriguing. Alternate glyphs as well as ligatures and proportional lining figures are found in all fonts in the Satero family. In addition, as OpenType features, all weights except the Bold and Bold Italic fonts are equipped with Small Caps, Small Cap Figures, and Old style figures.

Werner Schneider is one of today’s pre-eminent calligraphers and a recognized pioneer at the frontiers of letterform design. In his 40 years as Professor of Communication Design at the Fachhochschule Wiesbaden, Schneider has received numerous international awards and honors, and his work can be found in well-known museums and collections around the world.

In an age of mass communication, readers do not want to struggle with the typography on their way to comprehension. The streamlined simplicity of the Satero Type System clearly helps readers get to the point. As individual weights or as an entire system, Satero is available for download now at www.linotype.com.

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