Searching for products

There are many different ways to find the fonts you need.


The fastest and easiest way to find what you want is the “QuickSearch”.
Just enter your search term in the QuickSearch box in the upper left of any Linotype page, right below the logo. QuickSearch can also be fine-tuned using the Advanced Search options.

Font/Product search using “Product Catalog”
The category “Product Catalog” offers a variety of search options.

Advanced Search

With the extended search, the entire Linotype website is searched. Click directly on the ‘Search’ button at the top left to obtain access to all available search criteria.

You can select from a variety of search options (free text, typographic categories, font formats and others).
You can find the individual search methods by clicking on the search filters at the top of the page.

Search by FontIdentifier
Do you know what your font looks like but you don’t know its name? Then just answer a few simple questions to see what fonts are possible matches.