OpenType Classics Collection Value Pack

Designed by  Various
D. Stempel AG in 1902

OpenType Classics Collection Value Pack

OpenType Classics Collection

When Linotype released its “Classics Collection“ CD, it was an instant hit with customers. At that time, the most commonly used font formats were still the old PostScript Type 1 and TrueType standards. Linotype is pleased to announce the reintroduction of its “Classics Collection,“ this time packed solely with OpenType-formatted font files.

The Linotype OpenType Classics Collection includes 125 fonts, including many of the most popular selections from the Linotype library. These typefaces – including popular favorites like Frutiger®, Neue Helvetica®, and Stempel Garamond™ – have established themselves as the most important for daily practice within the design and corporate communications industries. This package forms an ideal base for design firms new and old; customers save by not having to purchase each of the families individually.

All fonts in the “OpenType Classics Collection“ package are in the OpenType® font format, which is compatible with both Mac OS and Windows. OpenType is a font format that was cooperatively developed by Microsoft® and Adobe®. An OpenType font can include both TrueType® and PostScript® data. No noticeable differences arise when using sharing the font between the two platforms. Modern operating systems like Mac OS® X and Microsoft Windows XP support the OpenType font format.

The OpenType font format offers the following benefits:
  • Multiple-language support, based on the Unicode-Standard
  • Easy integration of typographic variants
  • Platform-independent and small file sizes

A font list of all OpenType Classics Collection fonts is available as pdf file. Please download: pdf file english (31 kb) Download PDF