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Madame and Sabon Next rereleased as OpenType fonts

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Linotype has upgraded two favorites to OpenType this month. Both typefaces take full advantage of the medium. The first is a “wild west”-style display face, the second is a highly legible and useful text design. Inspired by typographic developments in 19th Century France, Madame™ was a difficult typeface to use before the days of OpenType. The number of points in the font’s outlines are no longer a problem; with just the press of a button, you can overlap layer elements in Madame and achieve display type with multiple colors! While Madame is delightful in large sizes, the expanded Sabon® Next is powerful in text. Now that this modern-day classic is available in OpenType, it is certain to find even more favor with designers and writers. Also in store for readers this month is a sale on “For Sale”-style sign fonts. These 1950s-inspired brush fonts are available for purchase at reduced prices for a limited time. Last but not least is another display family, Linotype Charon™, which we first released in 1999. Did you know about it? Consider yourselves properly introduced.

Have fonts of fun!

In this Issue:

Circus posters or the Wild West – Madame and its features do layering for you
More power for text-based documents – Sabon Next OpenType unleashed
For sale, on sale – Types inspired by
Wide, round, and ostentatious – Meet Linotype Charon

Circus posters or the Wild West – Madame and its features do layering for you

Madame, our popular woodtype-style display face based on 19th Century French models, is now available in OpenType! The font’s character set supports all Latin-based European languages and also offers a variety of layering possibilities through its OpenType features. Each letter may be set as either a single glyph or with up to four layered-glyphs. Using the layered glyphs, which automatically snap over each other, you can easily create polychromatic type! These layering elements may be used to decorate for the inner spaces of their respective characters in OpenType-savvy applications like the Adobe CS line or Quark XPress 7. The tendency toward display and ornamented type began with the Industrial Revolution in Britain. Many of the typefaces created during this time were meant to catch attention and advertise products. The ornamental, flamboyant nature of Madame reflects this tendency; it will rarely fail to catch the reader’s eye! First intended for circus posters, it is also perfect for titles, headlines, emphasis in text, or for use as initials. It combines well with both serif and sans serif typeface, but should be used sparsely to maximize the advantages of its ornate forms.
Explore the magic of Madame!

More power for text-based documents – Sabon Next OpenType unleashed

Sabon Next with OpenType

Having already been on the type scene for five years, Sabon Next is now available in OpenType format for the first time! More useful to designers than ever before, all of the type family’s 12 fonts are filled with helpful OpenType features. A complete list and explanation of the features may be found on our website. Included are small caps, oldstyle figures, alternates, swash forms, ligatures, diagonal fractions, case forms, and lovely fleurons. Sabon Next was designed by the French typographic luminary, and former president of the ATypI, Jean-François Porchez. In creating Sabon Next, Porchez revived a revival: the original Sabon was designed by Jan Tschichold in 1967. That Sabon was itself a 20th century revival of Claude Garamond’s 16th century types. The typeface’s character set supports all Latin-based languages found in Western, Central, and Eastern Europe, including the Baltic states and Turkey. Porchez’s family includes optical sizes for both Text and Display setting. Sabon Next is part of Linotype’s Platinum Collection.
See exactly what feature extras the OpenType version of Sabon Next has in store for you.

For sale, on sale – Types inspired by

Sign Fonts

In the old days, before it was easy for designers and shop owners to quickly generate signs and price displays with
the help of computers, printers, and plotters, many shop signs were hand-painted by sign writers. These artisans inspired generations of typeface designers to create similar display fonts. Today, you can find these fonts in stores large and small. If you are working in a store,
or if you serve retail clients, you will appreciate this selection of old-fashioned sign fonts. If you purchase
any one of these fonts through December 31, 2007, at, you’ll save 20%. Enticed? We’ll let the fonts do the persuading.
Check out all the “For Sale” fonts on sale!

Wide, round, and ostentatious – Meet Linotype Charon


Linotype Charon is a display family from the Mainz, Germany-based fine artist, Renate Weise. The typeface has two sides to it: both objective and classic, it is neither neutral nor an everyday typeface. Linotype Charon is modern and animated. Its curving letters seek to touch the reader. The upper and lowercase letters in the Linotype Charon family are wide. They sit well on the page and command attention. With its light swing and script-like character, this is an optimal choice for both short texts or headlines.
Discover Linotype Charon’s subtle details. Reintroduce yourself to this typeface!

Download the “Fonts in Focus 3’ brochure as a PDF

Fonts in Focus 3
“Fonts in Focus” is a periodic magazine that Linotype produces to draw attention to some of its best typefaces. We’ve placed the third issue of this edition online for free download to reacquaint you with our latest and greatest work. Perhaps it will help you find exactly the right match for your next project! This customer magazine also lists a number of limited-time specials and sales, and it contains everything you need to know about Linotype right now.
Download it while it is still brand new!

Helvetica the Film – Now on DVD!

Helvetica Film on DVD
Helvetica®, one of our long-time favorite typefaces here at Linotype celebrates its 50th birthday this year. Aside from being one of the world’s best-known font names, Helvetica is also a prize-winning film, directed by Gary Hustwit. The DVD release includes the full 80-minute feature film, plus more than 90 minutes of additional interviews with Massimo Vignelli, Matthew Carter, Erik Spiekermann, Hermann Zapf, and more. NTSC, 16 x 9 anamorphic widescreen presentation, full-color booklet, English and German language subtitles.
Order today for 20.00 USD/EUR!
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