Type Gallery – Carolina

Font Designer: Gottfried Pott

Carolina&trade is a part of the 1990 program “Type before Gutenberg”. It is included with the work of twelve contemporary font designers that represent styles from across the ages: from Roman cursive to humanistic minuscule. The complete package is available at www.linotype.com.
Gottfried Pott designed his typeface Carolina in the tradition of the Carolingian minuscule, which was the standard typeface in Charlemagne’s empire and which influenced the development of Occidental type.
The most obvious characteristics of Carolina are a slight slant, its reducing stems, and especially the counter of the lower case a.
The rhythmic flow of the font gives text a light and elegant feel. These features enable Carolina to fit perfectly where a Sans Serif appears too clinical and a Roman appears too banal.
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Carolina as a PDF.

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