A medley of quality typefaces – October 17, 2007

OpenType Essentials 1, 2 and 3

Bad Homburg, 17th October 2007. Linotype introduces OpenType Essentials 1, 2 and 3, consisting of three font packages exclusively in the versatile OpenType format. Each one comes with a full range of styles and these unique sets are ideal for all kinds of design applications. Each package features a comprehensive selection of popular and critically acclaimed fonts from Linotype, Monotype and ITC. In addition, the three sets fit together seamlessly – with no overlap – to form a top quality library.

OpenType Essentials 1, 2 and 3, provide users with the full range of typo-graphic options. The product contains serif and sans serif typefaces, display faces, script and historical as well as symbol typefaces.

OpenType Essentials also empowers users with global business connections and international communication requirements. Advanced typographic fea-tures include ligatures, titling and swash characters, old style figures, small caps, fractions and historical characters.

All faces have been carefully selected to represent a large spectrum of typographic design, resulting in a well-rounded compilation. Instead of complete font families, all the basic weights, the “essentials”, are included. Each package contains 60 OpenType fonts and no font appears in more than one package.

OpenType Essentials 1 includes best-selling classics like e. g. Neue Helvetica®, workaday standards such as ITC Officina® Sans, Rotis® Sans Serif, Syntax®, ITC American Typewriter™ as well as fonts such as ITC Silvermoon™.

OpenType Essentials 2 features classic fonts like Adrian Frutiger’s Avenir® and Bauer Bodoni&trrade; in addition to premier text fonts like New Century Schoolbook®, Times Europa®, ITC Stone® Sans and News Gothic No. 2™, as well as fonts with a human touch like Carolina™ and Herculanum®.

OpenType Essentials 3 contains Frutiger’s top selling Univers®, Antique Olive™, in addition to favorites such as Baskerville™ LT, Sabon®, ITC Avant Garde Gothic®, Linotype Ergo™, Omnia™ and Balmoral™.

Each set comes with a helpful booklet and a mini-catalog, with all weights and features accessibly laid out for a complete overview. There is a license for up to 5 computers with each set.

Designed specifically for modern operating systems like MacOS X and Microsoft Windows XP, OpenType fonts are compatible across platforms. With massive character set size and Unicode support, the OpenType format offers users a wide linguistic range as well as more precise typographic control.

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