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Linotype online makes font finding even easier – October 17, 2007

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Bad Homburg, 17th October 2007. Linotype introduces new simplicity in the web-based browsing and purchasing of fonts. The Linotype website has been reworked to offer visitors a more streamlined search for the font that matches their design requirements. Visually attuned to how design professionals think, the site now offers clearer organization through the use of tabs and pop-up windows for targeted information and font browsing. This online upgrade includes new features like the easy selection and purchase of whole font families. Sprechen Sie Deutsch? The entire font search and purchasing process is now also available in German, as well.

How does the human brain work? This served as the inspiration for new developments on Linotype’s website and online shop. By rethinking the interface between the visitor and its huge assortment of fonts, the Linotype website has been revamped to work even faster and make the font-finding process more intuitive. Both left-brain and right-brain needs are accommodated, allowing linear thought and leaps of intuition to work in tandem.

To support sequential thinking, a search for an individual font leads to a logically organized hierarchy of possibilities. It begins with the family page, with character samples, available formats and enlargeable eye-catching application examples. Easy-to-understand tabs allow for seamless movement along the hierarchy to typefaces, packages, related documents or other products.

Click through to an individual typeface, and even more possibilities emerge. Collapsible arrows reveal technical data, and informative pop-ups provide helpful hints, without overwhelming visitors. Plus, the use of tabs continues, offering insight into format details, designers, usage, and other useful data. With handsomely designed graphics throughout, the reorganized search experience is aesthetically pleasing as well.

Each webpage on the reworked Linotype website allows fluid spontaneous movement through the world of fonts. Uncomplicated options for entirely new searches abound. For the first time, visitors are now able to browse by library or foundry.

Another first at is the possibility to select an entire font family for purchase with one click. Once a visitor has chosen the desired fonts, the upgraded shopping cart makes fine-tuning the purchase easy, as well. Global changes are quickly made with regards to both format and licensing. Important guidelines on using the shopping cart are available at the bottom of the page.

Another highlight of the new Linotype website is the long anticipated German language version. Many months of work have been invested into presenting Linotype in the language of its home country. Web visitors whose computer operating system is set to German are now automatically directed to the corresponding landing page. From there, all top level navigation, as well as all pages related to the finding, viewing and purchasing of fonts as well as selected pages are in German. All search keywords have been translated as well. In the future, all new content to the Linotype website will now be available in both English and German.

Easy-to-find value: the refurbished Linotype website makes finding the right font even simpler and more intuitive. Explore Linotype’s extensive font inventory at Willkommen!

Linotype GmbH, based in Bad Homburg, Germany and a wholly owned subsidiary of Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc., looks back onto a history of more than 120 years. Building on its strong heritage, Linotype develops state-of-the-art font technology and offers more than 9,000 original typefaces, covering the whole typographic spectrum from antique to modern, from east to west, and from classical to experimental. All typefaces (in PostScript™ and TrueType™ format as well as more than 7,000 fonts in OpenType™) are now also available for instant download at In addition to supplying digital fonts, Linotype also offers comprehensive and individual consultation and support services for font applications in worldwide (corporate) communication.

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