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Instant access to thousands of typefaces – September 19, 2007

Linotype remodels FontExplorer™ X Store

Bad Homburg, September 19, 2007. The cutting edge of font management just got sharper, as Linotype completes its makeover of the Linotype FontExplorer™ X Store. Ever since its official launch last year, the critically acclaimed font management tool, FontExplorer X, has been a resounding success in helping users better organize their fonts. Linotype is now building upon that success by optimizing the way users find the fonts they need, but don’t yet have. For the first time, the FontExplorer X Store now provides direct real-time access to a comprehensive font library, including the complete offerings of Linotype, Monotype and ITC. The upgraded service also offers a refined new visual aesthetic and improved online options to identify, obtain and install needed fonts.

Behind the visible improvements of the redesigned FontExplorer X Store, many surprises await. Direct access is now available to the entire Linotype database, including, as well, the complete font collections of Monotype and ITC. This means that within seconds customers can obtain any font from these comprehensive, continually updated libraries.

As always, once purchased, fonts from the FontExplorer X Store are easy to install, with just one click separating the customer from using the newly licensed font. The simplicity doesn’t end with the first download, a personalized order history automatically keeps track of previous purchases, which may be downloaded again at any time at no additional charge – particularly important for designers managing hundreds or even thousands of fonts.

The remodeled FontExplorer X Store also makes window-shopping for new fonts more enjoyable. The interactive preview function allows visitors to view a sample text of each font and even to compare a number of fonts at once. New fonts can be test-driven for any number of applications. Ligature, size, color and text background can all be modified, then filed away for fast retrieval in the future.

Other new features include the presentation of related fonts purchased by other customers, as well as suggestions for applications. Visitors are also able to view prepared examples of font usage, as well as find tips on how different fonts fit together. There are now also even more background details on specific fonts and designers, information on licensing, and practical news – all available at the touch of a button.

Visitors to the new Store will certainly also notice the contemporary new look. Style is surely no substitute for substance, but for the most discerning of font users – graphic designers – the aesthetic impressions of daily life are of vital importance. The freshly renovated FontExplorer X Store has taken great care to acknowledge and incorporate this, and the result is a smoothly integrated visual interface with a relaxed, professional ambiance.

If you haven’t seen the new Store yet, simply click the store icon within FontExplorer X and you will be connected. For those who haven’t yet discovered the powerful convenience of FontExplorer X as a state-of-the-art font manager, go online now and download it at!

This press release contains forward-looking statements, including but not limited to statements about the expected performance of our products. Your experience may differ from the results indicated by these forward- looking statements, and may be impacted by risks and uncertainties such as our ability to integrate our fonts with FontExplorer and our ability to obtain and enforce protection of our intellectual property. We assume no obligation to update any forward-looking statements; whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise and such statements are current only as of the date they are made.

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