Foreign Language™ font family

Designed by  Lloyd Springer

About Foreign Language™ font family

Because of the squareness and fairly even weight of the letters, it was noticed that they looked interesting and appeared rather foreign when viewed from the side. Because of the lack of curves, none of the letters on their sides really stood out as members of a European alphabet. Then came the idea of creating a version of the font with all letters on their sides, to allow users to set type in secret code, create subliminal messages, and easily convert any text block into a simulation of some non-European language. The Foreign Language Oblique font is intended to be the primary font, because the angled text has the appearance of the handwritten characters of some old foreign alphabets. While Foreign Language is deceptive enough when set regularly, you can make it even more difficult for a viewer to decode the text by turning your textblock around by 180 degrees. When using Foreign Language at smaller points sizes, it is recommended that you increase the tracking of the text by a few units. The characters in this font family are spaced very tightly, which looks effective when setting display type, but the extra tracking will prevent the characters from appearing to be too close together at point sizes below 14 pt. Foreign Language was designed as a novelty font, with the idea that it could serve several unique purposes. It simulates the appearance of certain foreign alphabets and could be useful for mimicing foreign newspapers, and other foreign documents, when such materials are required for use in films. Children's books involving secret codes and games would also find use for this typeface. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the font will be its subliminal role in advertising. When set in a line of display type in an advertisement, chances are that a viewer will spend more time looking at the ad, and trying to understand why the strange foreign text is written there. And when that viewer discovers that the text can be read, the message will likely stick in his or her mind.. In the PC version of this font family the style names are slightly different from those used in the Mac versions. But the fonts are otherwise identical.

Foreign Language™Foreign Language™

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Foreign Language

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