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Type Gallery – Mundo Sans

Font Designer: Carl Crossgrove

Carl Crossgrove’s Mundo Sans™, a typeface family from Monotype, is becoming quite a popular design. As such, we are pleased to offer it for sale on Linotype’s webshop. Mundo Sans is a humanist sans serif, but it brings its own personality into this successful genre. In addition to the fine typefaces that have preceded it, Crossgrove gives credit to hand-lettered signage as a strong influence on the heavy weights in the Mundo Sans family.
Throughout his work on the project, Crossgrove aimed to create a humanistic typeface with subtle pen ductus, a wide range of weights and a fluid, unobtrusive italic. He kept the design clean and distinctive enough for display use while still being sufficiently understated and proportioned for text composition. With seven weights and a complementary suite of cursive italics, there is little outside the range of the Mundo Sans family. Weights range from the delicate and understated Extra Light through the forthright Medium to the lively and robust Ultra. Mundo Italics are true cursive designs with fluid strokes and obvious calligraphic overtones. The flick of the down-stroke in the “a,” the descending stroke of the “f” and graceful curve of the baseline of the “z” add grace to the design and distinguish it from more traditional sloped-roman italics. Crossgrove says that Mundo Sans isn’t meant to be revolutionary, yet it has a quiet distinction that separates it from other types. Without shouting “new and different,” Mundo Sans just works.
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Mundo Sans as a PDF.

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