AR Gyosho™ font family

Designed by  Arphic Font Design Team in 2014


Desktop fonts are designed to be installed on a computer for use with applications. Licensed per user.
Pay-as-you-go web fonts are licensed for a set number of page views.
Web fonts are used with the CSS rule @font-face used. The license has no time limit.
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Server fonts can be installed on a server and e.g. used by automated processes to create items. A license is per server core CPU per year.
A Digital Ads license allows you to embed web fonts in digital ads, such as ads created in HTML5. These license is based on the number of ad impressions.
AR Gyosho

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Technical details
OpenType outline flavour:
TTF - TrueType-Outlines
Technical font names:
File name: jsin00b.ttf
Windows menu name: AR GyoshoJIS Bold
PostScript name: , ARGyoshoJIS-Bold
PostScript full name: , AR GyoshoJIS Bold
Catalog number:
US$ 495
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Vertical Writing

Tag: vert

Function: Replaces default forms with variants adjusted for vertical writing when in vertical writing mode. While most CJKV glyphs remain vertical when set in vertical writing mode, some take a different form (usually rotated and repositioned) for this purpose. Glyphs covered by this feature correspond to the set normally rotated in low-end DTP applications. In vertical writing mode, the opening parenthesis (U+FF08) is replaced by the rotated form (U+FE35).

JIS90 Forms

Tag: jp90

Function: This feature replaces Japanese glyphs from the JIS78 or JIS83 specifications with the corresponding forms from the JIS X 0208-1990 (JIS90) specification. The user would invoke this feature to replace kanji character U+555E with U+5516.

These fonts support the Japanese script. Each font is Unicode™ encoded, and available in different f

Tag: Japanese

Function: These fonts support the Japanese script. Each font is Unicode™ encoded, and available in different formats. Please review the product information for each font to ensure it will meet your requirements.