Double Hitter font family

Designed by  Lloyd Springer
All the alphabetical characters, numbers and basic punctuation are taken from actual impressions made by a 1930s Remington Typewriter. The double hit flaws are all exactly as they were produced on the typewriter, althoughd the flaws were encouraged in order to create the templates for this character set. Several flawed impressions were made of each character, and then the best ones chosen for use within the font. Only in a very few instances (perhaps 3 or 4) were later modifications made in order to improve the appearance of some flawed imprints, which were visually not as effective as they could be. All of the Double Hitter vowel characters have different versions of the double hit letters, which you can use to add more dynamic to your design when setting type. Simply set the appropriate acute accent character and then block out the accent. Most of the accent characters reference the main character found in the regular unnaccented letters, but ALL of the acute characters have alternate versions. For Mac users, simply type option-e followed by whichever vowel letter you want to have an alternate version of. You can also find versions of the common letters C, c, N and n by blocking out the accents in the upper and lowercase C-cedilla characters, and the N-tilde characters. There is also a third version of the E character in the E-grave slot, and another A in the A-grave slot, as well. You can quickly view all of the alternate characters in Double Hitter by selecting Variations on the website family page for Double Hitter.. In the PC version of this font family the style names are slightly different from those used in the Mac versions. But the fonts are otherwise identical.

Double Hitter Regular

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Double Hitter

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File name: DOUBHRG_.TTF
Windows menu name: Double Hitter
PostScript name: , DoubleHitter
PostScript full name: , Double Hitter
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