Boutros Advertising font family


About Boutros Advertising font family

Boutros Advertising A range of Arabic typefaces (available in 5 weights: Light, Medium, Medium Italic, Bold and Extra Bold) was based on the usual extensive research by the Boutros group experts with the aim of serving the Arabic market needs for Arabic typefaces for all bilingual communication materials. This Arabic range was created and designed by Mourad and Arlette Boutros. The design is based on the Arabic calligraphy classical Naskhi style respecting Arabic calligraphy and cultural rules with the addition of the linked straight lines feature to match the Latin baseline level for the harmony look when used along side a Latin equivalent typeface such as Garammond, Palatino, Times Roman as well as Helvetica, Futura, Fruitiger etc....Each font of this range of Arabic typefaces has all the necessary Arabic glyphs as well as the basic Latin part that leaves the choice to the user to decide on its equivalent Latin. It is a unique range of Arabic Typefaces used in all market segments of the communication world of today by end users, corporate users as well as OEM. This Arabic range is available in Opentype (Unicode) format and will function with all applications that support this technology.