Linotype History: 2000


Linotype – a name with a long tradition.

Linotype carries on more than 125 year old heritage of great typographic history. Famous names like Linotype-Hell AG, D. Stempel AG, Haas’sche Schriftgießerei and Deberny & Peignot are the roots of Linotype. Ottmar Mergenthaler made his mark in history as the inventor of the type setting machine. Mergenthaler’s breakthrough soon became known as the Linotype. Quickly adopted by major newspapers around the world, the Linotype machine initiated a new freedom in the creation of everything from newspapers to books, from advertisements to a wide range of literature. The Linotype library grew to become one of the most well esteemed font libraries worldwide with typefaces such as Helvetica, Univers, and Frutiger and it is being continuously expanded with award-winning new designs.

Linotype GmbH is rebranded to Monotype GmbH. The Linotype library and site are not affected and remain active parts of the newly named Monotype GmbH.

Monotype Inc. acquired Linotype GmbH and Bruno Steinert retired. Frank Wildenberg became the new Managing Director.
Linotype FontExplorer™ X, the program for perfect font selection, font management and font shopping.
Kitabat, the first major Arabic Calligraphy and Typography conference, took place in Dubai on April 5–8.

The typomedia took place in Mainz under the title “Links to Minds” during the Gutenberg anniversary year.

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