The Jury of the 3rd International Type Design Contest met on December.
Launch of Linotype Facts of Life™ and Linotype Syntax™.
Release of Linotype FontExplorer@Web

Linotype GmbH moves to Bad Homburg.
The second “typo[media]” conference took place in Frankfurt, under the title “Faces in Motion”.
Launch of Linotype Zapfino™.

Under Managing Director Bruno Steinert’s leadership, Linotype GmbH was founded as a subsidiary of the Heidelberg Group.
The first “typo[media]” conference is held in Frankfurt, under the title “Global Communication.”
Launch of the “New Linotype Univers™”.

Linotype AG merges with Hell GmbH to become Linotype-Hell AG.
The typeface collection of Linotype AG. included:

Aldus Buchschrift (H. Zapf) 1954
Baskerville (C. H. Griffith) 1939
Bookman (C. H. Griffith) 1936
Caledonia (W. A. Dwiggins) 1938
Eldorado (W. A. Dwiggins) 1951
Estienne (G. W. Jones) 1930
Excelsior™ (C. H. Griffith) 1931
Fairfield™ (R. Ruzicka) 1939
Falcon (W. A. Dwiggins) 1961
Georgian (G. W. Jones) 1925
Granjon™ (G. W. Jones) 1928
Ionic (C. H. Griffith) 1925
Jubilee (W. Tracy) 1953
Juliana (S. Hartz) 1958
Linotype Modern (W. Tracy) 1969
Magnus (H. Zapf) 1960
Mergenthaler Antiqua (H. Zapf) 1954
Minerva (R. Stone) 1954
Monticello™ (C. H. Griffith) 1946
Olympian™ (M. Carter) 1970
Opticon (C. H. Griffith) 1935
Paragon (C. H. Griffith) 1935
Rotation™ (A. Ritzel) 1971
Sabon™ (J. Tschichold) 1967
Snell Roundhand™ (M. Carter) 1966
Trade Gothic™ (J. Burke) 1948
Venture™ (H. Zapf) 1969

The typeface collection of Hell GmbH included:

Demos™ (G. Unger) 1975
Edison™ (H. Zapf) 1978
Hollander™ (G. Unger) 1983
Marconi™ (H. Zapf) 1976
Praxis™ (G. Unger) 1977
Swift™ (G. Unger) 1985
Vario™ (H. Zapf) 1982

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