Introduction of the “Lino Quick Perforator,” an electronic tape perforator.

Introduction of the world’s first integrated photo typesetting system with perforated tape entry, the “Linofilm System.”

D. Stempel AG acquires full ownership of the type foundry Klingspor Bros., Offenbach (established in 1906). The foundry division is closed; parts of the foundry activities are maintained.
Typeface collection of Klingspor Bros. included:

Andreas Schrift (H. Kühne) 1954
Behrens Antiqua (P. Behrens) 1907
Claudius (R. Koch)
Constanze (J. Romann) 1954
Daphnis (W. Tiemann) 1929
Deutsche Schrift (R. Koch) 1910
Duo licht/Duo dunkel (A. Finsterer) 1954
Eckmann™ Schrift (O. Eckmann) 1900
Falstaff™ (H. König) 1906
Fichte Fraktur (W. Tiemann) 1934
Folkwang (H. Schardt) 1949
Frühling (R. Koch) 1917
Gavotte™ (R. Spemann) 1940
Hammerschrift (V. Hammer) 1923
Hammer Unziale (V. Hammer) 1953
Holla (R. Koch) 1932
Hupp Antiqua (O. Hupp) 1909
Information breitfett (F. K. Sallwey) 1958
Jessen-Schrift (R. Koch) 1930
Kabel™ (R. Koch) 1927
Kleist Fraktur (W. Tiemann) 1928
Koch™ Antiqua (R. Koch) 1922
Kühne Antiqua (H. Kühne) 1954
Kühne Schrift (H. Kühne) 1954
Kumlien Antiqua (A. Kumlien)
Liturgisch (O. Hupp) 1906
Magnet (R. Bauer) 1906
Marathon™ (R. Koch) 1938
Maximilian (R. Koch) 1917
Monsun (K. Hoefer) K. Hoefer 1955
Narziss (W. Tiemann) 1921
Neuland™ (R. Koch) 1923
Offizin (W. Tiemann) 1952
Ornata (O. H. W. Hadank) 1943
Orplid (H. Bohn) 1929
Peter Schlemihl (W. Tiemann)
Prisma (R. Koch) 1928
Queen (J. Romann) 1954
Salto™ (K. Hoefer) 1952
Saltino (K. Hoefer) 1953
Saltarello (K. Hoefer) 1954
Salut (H. Maehler) 1931
Stahl (H. Kühne) 1939
Tiemann Antiqua (W. Tiemann) 1923
Wallau (R. Koch) 1930
Wilhelm Klingspor-Schrift (R. Koch) 1925

In the centennial year of Ottmar Mergenthaler’s birth there are over 100 000 Linotype casting machines in use.

The periodical “Linotype Post” is published (through 1963).

Production of the Linotype casting machine is resumed after interruption due to the war.

Linotype GmbH of Berlin opens a branch office in Frankfurt which soon becomes the company headquarters.

Linotype publishes a reference book with the matrix triangle numbers (pdf file English, 3,4 mb).

Use of the first Linotype casting machine with perforated tape entry.

D. Stempel acquires a shareholding in the type foundry Benjamin Krebs (Successors), Frankfurt (established in 1816).
The typeface collection of Benjamin Krebs (Successors) included:

Brentano Fraktur (A. Auspurg) 1916
Epoche (F. Riedinger) 1912
Federzug Antiqua (A. Auspurg) 1913
Frankfurter Buchschrift (P. E. Lautenbach) 1906
Hartwig Schrift (H. Poppelbaum) 1927
Hohlweinschrift (L. v. Hohlwein) 1907
Ideal Schreibschrift 1903
Katalog Antiqua 1911
Künstler Gotisch (W. Groß) 1900
Merian Fraktur (F. Riedinger) 1910
Nürnberger Kanzlei (A. Auspurg) 1906
Phänomen (F. Riedinger) 1927
Riedingerschrift (F. Riedinger) 1903
Riedinger Mediäval (F. Riedinger) 1929
Rohrfeder Fraktur (F. Riedinger) 1909
Schönbrunn (A. Auspurg) 1928
Trajan Versalien (A. Auspurg) 1928
Xylo 1924

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