Font Designer – Pippo Lionni

Pippo Lionni grew up in a New York family of architects, escaped into university philosophy and mathematics, played jazz in New York and Paris, and became a designer in the late 1970’s. He brings to design a conceptual approach, of diversified influences as formalized in complex multidimentional systems, such as: signage, environmental design, scenography, corporate and institutional identity programs and product design.
Pippo Lionni created the font Facts of Life™ in 1999.
He said about this exceptional font: "The Facts of Life are as much a philosophical inquiry into the meaning of Fact, as a socialogical exploration into that of Life. As a restricted number of common symbols compose a language of ideograms or hieroglyphs. The process of rarifiction is more poetic than mathematical. Statements are constructed from two or more object symbols (man, woman, child, thought, image, word, computer, TV, world ...) played against each other by an association symbol (implication, evolution, choice, antagonism, ambiguity and contradiction). Thruth emerges from the deciphering process – from the discussion ..."

Facts of Life is part of the Linotype Library.

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