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Chunkfeeder font family

Designed by  James Grieshaber

Up to 6 Typefaces / 1 Value Packs

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Supports up to 49 languages.

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No OpenType features available

Chunkfeeder was inspired by the many vernacular forms of lettering created for high speed printing and electronic displays found in our modern techie world such as postal packing slips, airline tickets and informational video displays. Many of these type of fonts are designed by engineers and interface designers who presumably do not have a background in letterform design and consequently these glyphs have many quirky idiosyncrasies.

In keeping with it’s mechanical inspiration, Chunkfeeder is a monospaced font, much like an OCR type font. Chunkfeeder has a rather ridged modularity but it incorporates more typographic nuance into the letterforms than most other fonts of this style, while exploiting some of the visual artefacts of high speed printing.

Chunkfeeder is a versatile family of 6 fonts – 3 weights, each with an accompanying oblique.

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6 Typefaces available in:
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Chunkfeeder Light

-  1 variant

Chunkfeeder Light Oblique

-  1 variant

Chunkfeeder Regular

-  1 variant

Chunkfeeder Regular Oblique

-  1 variant

Chunkfeeder Bold

-  1 variant

Chunkfeeder Bold Oblique

-  1 variant