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The Linotype Support Team offers you a glimpse into the world of font technology. We hope that this feature will prove both interesting and informative, and in an effort to present what you want to read about, we invite you to tell us your suggestions for future Font Technology Features. Just send an e-mail to [email protected] and we will do our best to cover the issues which you tell us are important to you.

The characters in a pictogram font cannot be accessed via the keyboard - how can I find them?

Unlike the situation you were familiar with for older pictogram fonts in the Postscript and TrueType formats, you can no longer “type” the pictograms in modern fonts, in other words, you cannot use them by means of your keyboard keys.
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Where are the fonts in the menu?
The family link under Windows

Although individual font styles may be installed in the Windows operating system, they may not appear in the menu in Office programs. Instead, the menu displays only the superordinate family name. We’ll explain the reason for this.
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On the output quality of fonts – font rasterizer and hinting

The font rasterizer is responsible for the output of fonts; the hinting determines the display quality on the monitor. We explain the technical background and the significance when purchasing a font.
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What is the difference between CFF and TTF in OpenType fonts?

Have you ever wondered why you can choose between TTF and CFF when purchasing a font? We explain the abbreviations and the differences between the formats.
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Web fonts tutorial

Webfonts-Tutorial: useful tips and hints on the topic of web fonts
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More rapid load times for webfonts thanks to WOFF 2.0

An update to the most popular webfont format, WOFF, has just been released. All webfonts on are now WOFF 2.0-compatible. Our existing customers can access a free update.
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The agony of choice: finding a matching font for your design. The search filter on can help

When faced with the challenge of finding a suitable typeface, we often stick to fonts that we know for reasons of comfort.
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The Fontsampler at

Learn about Fontsampler and all of its functions.
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DIN 1450

Background information on a guideline on text legibility.
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Indic Scripts

Learn more about Devanagari fonts.
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European OpenType character set – W1G

A feature about Linotype’s newest language and script solution W1G fonts.
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Chinese Fonts explained

We have put together a feature to help explain the different styles and format encodings for Chinese fonts.
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Bitmap Fonts

You might think, this article will take you to a font technology of prehistoric relevance.
Well, Yes and No.
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This feature does not even pretend to cover everything there is to know about Unicode, but it does offer a detailed introduction.
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What is the Difference between PostScript and TrueType?

A description and comparison of PostScript and TrueType font formats.
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Facts about Font Families

This Font Technology Feature is intended to clear up any confusion about font families and how they work.
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Font Technology & Specifications

This site shall help you find information on the web related to fonts, font technologies and specifications.
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