Gorod.Suzdal font family

Designed by  Igor Shipovsky
Kate Shipovsky


About Gorod.Suzdal

The general idea: the symbols are "laid out" with sausage loafs.

Release: in the form of two typefaces - "gorod.Cherkizovo" and "gorod.Ostankino" with the four styles in each.

Cherkizovo: Normal style has thin loafs, Bold one - thick loafs. Normal-Italic - thin loafs with "pieces of fat". Bold-Italic - thick loafs with "pieces of fat".

Ostankino: all sausage is with fat, the loafs have strings marks at the ends. Italic and Bold-Italic styles have "cut" sausage.

We have to explain the meaning of word "gorod". It is a "city of" in Russian.

Ostankino was a residence - a manor of Sheremetev noblemen, situated not far from Moscow in former times. Since the end of 19th century it has been a part of Moscow. There is the highest construction of the world in Ostankino - a television tower over 500 meters height. Our font has received name "Ostankino" due to meat processing combine known all over Russia.

Cherkizovo is now a part of Moscow, though it was a residence of Russian noblemen earlier. There is a famous meat processing combine in Cherkizovo, the supplier of a palace of Russian tsars. That's why we have named our "sausage" font "Cherkizovo".