Ayita™ Pro font family

Designed by  Jim Ford in 2010
Steve Matteson in 2010

About Ayita™ Pro font family

Ayita is a new sans serif design by Jim Ford and Steve Matteson. Ayita is a Cherokee name which translates to first in dance" and recalls the rhythm and flow of this new typeface. Originally conceived as an upright italic design, Ayita remains contemporary, friendly and hard working. The open shapes render faithfully at small point sizes and on device screens while the compact design allows more characters per line for headlines. Ayita is a useful design for a wide variety of uses including interfaces, spreadsheets, greeting cards and banners."

Ayita™ ProAyita™ Pro

Desktop fonts are designed to be installed on a computer for use with applications. Licensed per computer.
Web fonts are used with the CSS @font-face rule. They are licensed for a set number of page views with no time limitation.
Web fonts are used with the CSS rule @font-face used. The license has no time limit.
Mobile App Fonts can be embedded in your mobile application. Each app requires a separate license. The license is based on the number of app installations.
Electronic Publication Fonts can be embedded in an eBook, eMagazine or eNewspaper. Fonts are licensed per issue.
Server fonts can be installed on a server and e.g. used by automated processes to create items. A license is per server core CPU per year.
You can use this type of license to embed web fonts in digital ads, such as ads created in HTML5. The licenses are valid for a specific number of ad impressions without time limit.
Ayita Pro

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Pro / OT CFF

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33 languages.

Ayita Basic Family

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Ayita Complete Family

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Ayita Selection Value Pack

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Ayita Volume

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