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Font Designer – Gustavs Andrejs Grinbergs

Gustavs Andrejs Grinbergs

Interview with Gustavs Andrejs Grinbergs

How did you fall in love with type design?
As a child I drew glasses and beards on the faces of photographs in the newspapers. I did‘t know how to write at that time, but I loved the big headline letters. I would decorate them with many ornaments to make them more pretty and I loved the new look of the letters.

How many typefaces have you developed until now?
It depends. I would guess that I have created about 20 published and in use font families. Perhaps 3/4 of my work is not finished, and I am hoping that I will put the needed effort to finalize my works.

Is type design what you are mainly doing? What is your profession aside from type design?
The most essential part of my work involves adaptation of existing fonts for Non-Latin writing, mainly in Russian and Greek. Thus I can call type design my main profession.

What inspired you to design Brewery?
Christmas. Ginger cookies. The smell and taste of beer.

My absolute favorites are German type designers of beginning 20th century ...

Were you influenced by other fonts when designing Brewery?
Yes. My absolute favorites are German type designers of beginning 20th century. They are a strong influence on me, and I am not about to abandon this influence.

What techniques did you use creating Brewery and what was the process for creating the design?
I sketch an idea with a pencil or a felt pen. I have a universal dummy model, which I call Base Grotesque. It is ,,0” ring with a hole in the middle, or „B” – a pretzel with two holes etc. After that I go on the computer and work on graphical modification. Until 1990, I worked a lot on applied- commercial graphics for some serious companies, as well as in publishing as a book designer. Of course, at that time we did not use computers and my tools were little brushes and photographic techniques.

What was the greatest challenge you faced while creating your typeface Brewery?
I have been fighting for my space in the very densely crowded room where there is already enough of everything, yet even more is coming in from all sides. One needs self confidence and strong nerves to survive and succeed.

Please describe the look and feel of Brewery.
Perhaps it is an illusion of sorts, but I feel as if there is a peace on Earth, prosperity because people know how to work and how to rest. They love and respect each other, they fear God, and they sin less.

Are there aspects of the design that you think should be highlighted, or you particularly want the graphic design community to know about Brewery?
While creating a font and placing it into the group of fonts which belongs to a larger family of fonts, I am paying careful attention to the flow of the visual appearance of the whole textual body.

For what applications would you recommend Brewery (posters, text, newspapers, advertisements, etc.)?
Exactly that way: a poster, newspaper, advertisement etc. While creating a font, I wish it to be useful for any of the above mentioned media as well as for any texts in print.

Brewery Font Family is a modern font family‚ created for everyday use‚ which could be looked at as a “bastard” child of contemporary Sans Serif and German Fracture ...

What are the unique details from which you think they distinguish Brewery?
Brewery Font Family is a modern font family, created for everyday use, which could be looked at as a “bastard” child of contemporary Sans Serif and German Fracture. Is this creation something very special? I dont know, perhaps I am not the best judge in this matter.

What was the reason for you to give the typeface its name and what is the meaning?
That is exactly what it means; a beer brewery, a place where they brew a hearty and delicious beverage.

Type design is a pains taking work‚ which requires time‚ patience‚ and endurance in order to successfully complete the work from start to finish ...

Anything else you would like to share:
Type design is a pains taking work, which requires time, patience, and endurance in order to successfully complete the work from start to finish. The process of creativity there is quite different from that of, letís say- a poet, who lights a cigarette, receives inspiration, and writes down a verse. Type design is a hard and quite prosaic every day work, but I do love it.
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