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Escript™ font family

Designed by  Hans-Jürgen Ellenberger in 2003

Up to 1 Family / 1 Value Packs
Supports at least 21 languages (Std / OT CFF)

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Supports up to 50 languages.

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Supports up to 11 OpenType features.

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Font Designer: Hans-Jürgen Ellenberger, 1994
Escript™ is part of the TakeType Library, which features winners of Linotype’s International Digital Type Design Contest. Hans Jürgen Ellenberger designed this handwriting font with freshly, lively forms. Each letter has a slightly different character, yet all fit well together and this lack of concrete rules gives the font a spontaneous feel. Escript is well-suited to headlines, smaller texts, and inititals when combined with constructed typefaces.
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Escript as a PDF.
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Escript™ Std Complete Family Pack

 (4 Typefaces) -  2 variants
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