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M Ying Hei, the new Chinese equivalent to Latin sans serif classics like Helvetica, Frutiger or Univers

M Ying Hei
With M Ying Hei, Monotype has introduced a new Chinese sans serif that blends perfectly with Helvetica as well as other popular Latin sans like Avenir Next, Neue Frutiger or Linotype Univers.
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FF Tisa and FF Tisa Sans: an extended family for multimedia applications

FF Tisa
Slovenian designer Mitja Miklavčič designed FF Tisa as a contemporary magazine font.
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Three new width and 42 new fonts for the Classic Grotesque: Condensed, Compressed and Expanded

Classic Grotesque
Now three more widths – Condensed, Compressed and Expanded – expand the previous 14 base styles and extend the potential of the calm and neutral Classic Grotesque family.
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FF Milo: a unique, well-equipped super family

FF Milo
Mike Abbink designed FF Milo as an all around, bread-and-butter font.
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Ford’s Folly by Jim Ford: A special, realistic script font

Ford’s Folly
Ford’s Folly, designed by Jim Ford, simulates handwritten, printed letters.
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FF Ernestine: A monolinear slab serif with a unique, lively character

FF Ernestine
At first glance, the monolinear slab serif FF Ernestine from Nina Stössinger looks like a typewriter font.
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Striking, octagonal, sans serif:
the new Kairos Sans

Kairos Sans
The distinctive, octagonal slab serif Kairos now has a sibling: sans serif Kairos Sans joins its well-equipped sister font, opening up new areas of application for the athletic and powerful family.
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FF Clan: a versatile and friendly sans with plenty of options

FF Clan
The friendly sans FF Clan from Łukasz Dziedzic is one of the most successful and largest families in the FontFont library.
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Richie, an eccentric brush font with a unique character

The strong, somewhat eccentric brush font Richie was designed as a headline font. With its rough, slightly clunky design, it stands out pleasantly from the smooth design typical to other script fonts.
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FF Suhmo – a flexible, warm and friendly slab serif

FF Suhmo
By combining very different typographic influences, Alex Rütten lends his slab serif FF Suhmo a very special character.
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