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Oz Handicraft: an unusually narrow script font, now expanded into a family

Oz Handicraft
Inspired by an unpublished manuscript from the great font designer Oswald Cooper, George Ryan designed the first version of Oz Handicraft at the end of the 1980s.
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FF Bau: a neutral grotesque for all applications

FF Bau
The neutral grotesque FF Bau by Christian Schwartz is the ideal workhorse for the most diverse design tasks.
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FF Yoga and FFvYoga Sans: an extended family, rich in detail, not just for text setting

FF Yoga
With its generous layout and open counters the FF Yoga super family from Xavier Dupré is the ideal choice for application as a body copy font.
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Quitador Sans: an individual sans for major projects

Quitador Sans
Two years after publishing his slab serif font Quitador, Arne Freytag has expanded the popular design into an extended family.
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FF Franziska: a noteworthy text font, not simply for small sizes

FF Franziska
Numerous distinctive details contribute to making the well-equipped Antiqua FF Franziska from Jakob Runge perfectly readable in small sizes and give the font in large sizes an individual character, which plays out well in headlines and logos.
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FF Cocon: a striking sans serif with a unique flair

FF Cocon
The somewhat unusual, distinctive forms of FF Cocon by Evert Bloemsma attract attention with their lively and friendly appearance.
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Vialog 1450 – new DIN-compliant styles of the signage font with optimal legibility

Vialog 1450
Monotype is offering another font that corresponds to DIN 1450 (barrier-free reading): Vialog 1450, by Werner Schneider and Helmut Ness.
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Posterama: eight fonts for a typographic journey through the 20th century

The Posterama super family by Jim Ford is based on an unusual design idea.
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FF Marselis and FF Marselis Slab: a strong team for corporate design

FF Marselis
The fonts of the FF Marselis extended family by Jan Maack draw attention to themselves with their unique and memorable blend of geometric and humanist influences.
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The new Demos Next: a friendly and comfortable all-rounder with expanded features

The fact that Gerard Unger’s Demos is so popular and well known with only three styles says a lot about the quality of the design.
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