Linotype Typeface Catalog A-Z

Typeface Catalog A–Z

Linotype’s “Complete Typeface Catalog, A–Z” represents a new approach to specimen books for Linotype, taking a decidedly different form from its predecessors over the past two decades. The specimen book offers the user an easy-to-reference overview of Linotype’s entire portfolio. Individual fonts are presented as parts of typeface families; font format information is clearly depicted next to each weight.

The “Complete Typeface Catalog, A–Z” is divided into three parts – each of which is printed in English, French, and German: general information, typeface displays, and technical information.
Typefaces are grouped by category (Sans Serif, Serif, Script and Brush, Decorative and Display, Uncial and Blackletter, Pi and Symbol, Central European and Non Latin Typefaces). Aside from format information, each typeface lists the name of its designer, the year in which it was designed, and from which foundry library the typeface comes from. Each typeface display shows a large, 24 point single-line partial alphabet setting in the typeface’s regular weight. If the regular weight has a companion italic, a sample line is set in it as well. Following this are three lines of sample copy in 13-point size that show off some of the font’s special characters, Euro symbol, etc. Lastly, a sample single-line alphabet showing in 12-point size is available for each of the fonts that make up the respective typeface family.
The book’s last typeface category, Central European and Non Latin Typefaces, shows all Linotype typefaces available in formats other than the traditional Western European standard. Many OpenType typefaces that contain large character sets are therefore depicted in the catalog twice, in their respective stylistic category (Sans Serif, Serif, Script and Brush, etc.) and in the Central European and Non Latin Typefaces section. This allows for a simple overview of all of Linotype’s many Central European and Non Latin typefaces; these include typefaces for Central European languages, Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, and Armenian.

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