Alphabet Stories

This richly illustrated, first person narrative encompasses Professeur Hermann Zapf’s life and work from his childhood days in Nuremberg though to his newest typeface releases with Linotype GmbH. Along the way, war and peace are documented, as well as Prof. Zapf’s progression from calligraphy to computer programming. Read first hand about the changes in type design typesetting, from handset letters to hot-metal Linotype machinery to photo type and digital fonts. Among the book’s many secrets: typefaces for musical notation, the history behind Palatino®, Optima® and Zapfino’s developments, a Cherokee syllabary, Donald Knuth, and even Steve Jobs.
Book Details:
Hardbound, blue cloth cover with gold embossing. First book published with both Palatino nova and Palatino Sans.
Published by Mergenthaler Edition/Linotype GmbH, Bad Homburg (Germany) and RIT/Cary Graphic Arts Press, Rochester, New York (USA).
Width: 19 cm, height: 27.8 cm, depth: 2.1 cm
154 pages, 670 grams, ISBN 3-9810319-6-2

The following pages present the book’s versatile qualities.
These sample pages are availabe as pdf file (1,4 mb).

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