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Slab Serif Fonts

A new wave of slab serifs hit the typographic world during the 1930s. Their style became very popular, and is still with us today. These letterforms appear to follow a “constructed” principle. Many of them have base forms similar to popular early 20th Century typefaces, but with slab serifs simply added on, i.e., Venus® and Venus® Egyptienne.

The groundwork for this sort of slab serif was laid in Frankfurt, Germany, when Rudolf Wolf designed the Memphis™ typeface at the D. Stempel AG foundry in 1929. After 1931, Linotype began to distribute Memphis matrices for its linecasting machines, bringing the face a worldwide audience. Memphis has a sans serif companion, DIN Neuzeit™.

Another popular German slab serif is Beton®, from Heinrich Jost. Beton has a geometric nature, and may be seen as a match for Futura®.

Adrian Frutiger’s Glypha™ and Serifa®, both designed during the 1960s, have also enjoyed widespread popularity. Both of these typefaces harmonize with Univers™.
ITC Magnifico
Venus Egyptienne

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