Font Designer – Alan Dempsey

British designer Alan Dempsey created the fonts Montage™ (1995) and ITC Tremor™ (1998).

Like the name suggests, the design of the font Montage was inspired by the arrangement of elements such as torn paper, cut-outs, scratch board and stencilled letters. Montage is a creative, eye-catching alphabet of casually drawn letterforms set on a background of daub-like brush strokes.

You might think that ITC Tremor looks like the letters are in a seismically lively geological zone, but Dempsey had other kinds of motion in mind. “Most of the faces I design come from trace ‘work-outs‘ for advertising products. In the case of Tremor, it was to reflect a lively teenager,” says Dempsey. The result is ITC Tremor, a cartoony slab serif typeface with irregular angles, straight-edged curves, and lines surrounding each character, making them look like they are jittery.

Both Font Families are part of the ITC Library OpenType Edition.