Type Gallery – Neue Helvetica

Font Designer: Linotype Design Studio, 1983.
The key design concepts were drawn by Max Miedinger in 1957.

About the Font
Originally designed in 1957 for hand compostion, Helvetica® font has been adapted over the years for all methods of composition, from hot metal line composition and opto-mechanical photosetting of the first generation to digital typesetters.
The new possibilities offered by CRT and Laser technologies have caused us to have the complete Helvetica™ font family carefullly redrawn at the Linotype Design Studio. This has resulted in a pleasant synthesis of aesthetical and technical aspects and has led to Neue Helvetica, a contemporary typeface geared to the future for use in modern electronic publishing.
Whats different in Neue Helvetica font?
We refined the 54-unit system and the spacing.
Its subtly shaded range offers you a much larger choice of weights and versions.
Uniform, delicately refined stylistic features have been maintained in all three versions, the condensed, the regular and the extended.
The cap height is the same throughout the entire family.
The x-height is the same in all weights, because it increases as the stroke thickness increases.
There is more emphasis on the punctuation marks, for even better results in reproduction.
New numbering system for your easy reference.
Each weight and version has its own number.
The font Neue Helvetica™ combines well with:
Fonts with Old Face proportions, like Palatino®, Trump Mediaeval™, Versailles™, Wilke™.
Fonts with Modern Face proportions, like Linotype Centennial®, Walbaum.
Slab serif fonts like Egyptienne F™, Rockwell™ Script.
Brush fonts like Brush Script, Ruling Script™, Salto™.
Black letters like Duc de Berry™, Wittenberger Fraktur™.
Fun fonts like Linotype Animalia™, Linotype Red Babe™, Linotype Seven™, Linotype Sjablony™.

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Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Neue Helvetica as a PDF.

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