Type Gallery – Neue Helvetica

From 29 Ultra Light to 99 Black: new, space-saving Compressed styles for the Neue Helvetica font family
With its, to date, 51 different variants, Neue Helvetica is particularly well furnished and capable of meeting almost any eventuality. It not only has a wide range of various weights, from Ultra Light to Black, but is also best equipped to deal with different requirements with regard to tracking thanks to its Extended and Condensed styles.
Even so, as a designer, you will doubtless have encountered situations in which the existing options do not prove adequate to the task. Where very little space is available in headlines or on posters or product price labels, it can be the case that you are unable to cope even using Neue Helvetica Condensed. It was with this problem in view that the typographic designer Tom Grace developed Neue Helvetica Compressed, consisting of particularly compact styles in the established weights Ultra Light to Black.
As in the case of all the Neue Helvetica styles, any increase in stroke thickness has no effect on the x-height, so that the various different weights can be readily combined with each other.
These new variants, numbered 29 to 99, augment Neue Helvetica, thus meaning that the potential situations in which this popular font can be used have been extended. This will doubtless prove to be of particular interest to large organisations that use Neue Helvetica as their corporate font, as they will now be able to use it in even more contexts.

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