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Font Designer – Tom Rickner

Tom Rickner is the director of Monotype Studio Design, and his career in type spans more than three decades. During that time, he has mastered nearly every aspect of type design and font production, from his earliest days editing bitmaps, to designing some of the very first Multiple Master fonts for Adobe and TrueType GX Variations fonts for the Font Bureau and Apple.

Although he is likely most well-known for his hinting of Matthew Carter’s Georgia, Verdana, Tahoma and Nina typefaces for Microsoft, Tom’s expertise and passion is found at the intersection of design, tools and technology related to fonts, including variable font technology.

Tom has led or collaborated on the designs of fonts that include Arial, Bodoni, Broadway, Gallia, Goudy Forum Pro and Rebekah Pro, among others.

Tom leads the remarkable team of award-winning type designers that make up the Monotype Studio, as well as the many custom fonts designed for corporations and brands around the globe. He is a graduate of the School of Printing Management and Sciences at the Rochester Institute of Technology.
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