Linotype Office Alliance

Linotype Office Alliance

Every year, more and more text is read directly on a computer screen in office applications, or from freshly printed sheets from a copier or laser printer. Clear, legible text faces are more imperative to office communication than ever before. Yet every worker desires a small bit of personality in the corporate world. Most office environments are only equipped with a few basic fonts that are truly optimized for use in text, with laser printers, and on screen.
Akira Kobayashi, Linotype‘s Type Director, has come to the rescue! After analyzing Linotype’s library of typefaces, he selected four of the most legible and distinct styles. Each has their own character, yet they may be mixed with the others, or with other common corporate fonts.
Kobayashi retooled these four type classics, creating the Linotype Office Alliance font families. Each font family includes the following four font styles: Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic. The four font families selected from the Linotype Originals library were: Metro, Neuzeit™, Times Europa™, and Trump Mediaeval™. Metro is a contemporary-style humanist sans serif. Neuzeit is a traditional-style geometric sans serif. Times Europa is a modern-style serif face. Trump Mediaeval is Renaissance-style serif face.
Linotype Office Alliance Fonts

The Linotype Office Alliance fonts guarantee data clarity. All of the font weights within the individual family have the same character measurements; individual letters or words may have their styles changed without line wrap being affected!
Comparison of the character measurements of Trump Mediaeval Office and Trump Mediaeval

All numbers, mathematical signs, and currency symbols are tabular; they share the same set character width, ensuring that nothing stands in the way of clear graph, chart, and table design.
All numbers, mathematical signs, and currency symbols are tabular

In addition to being extremely open and legible, the characters in this collection’s fonts also share the same capital letter height and the same x-height. The production and reading of financial reports is duly streamlined with the Linotype Office Alliance fonts.
The characters share the same capital letter height and the same x-height

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