Linotype introduces new Managing Director: Frank Wildenberg – September 1, 2006

Bruno Steinert hands over the reins at Linotype

Bad Homburg, September 1st, 2006. Bruno Steinert, Managing Director at Linotype since its founding in 1997, opens the door for new leadership. Yet Steinert’s passion for the advancement of quality typefaces, font technology and the protection of type designer rights will continue to be the guiding influence of the Linotype vision. Frank Wildenberg, handpicked by Steinert as his successor, is committed to moving the vision forward, by further emphasizing Linotype’s strengths in modern communication and font technology solutions. Following the ownership transfer to Monotype Imaging Company in August, the groundwork for exciting future innovation and collaboration of resources has now been laid. In light of this, it is only natural that Steinert took the opportunity to review his own personal goals. Instead of signing a new contract with Monotype Imaging, he decided to pass on the management of Linotype to the next generation. After 45 years’ experience in the print media industry, Steinert has chosen to turn his strengths to new areas.

It was known for many months that the previous owner of Linotype, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, had wanted to sell Linotype in order to concentrate on its core business in printing, recognizing in Monotype Imaging Company a fitting match for Linotype. Monotype Imaging opens up opportunities for cross-pollination, creating growth in new areas of font applications such as cell phones and miniature displays. While the Linotype focus on font quality and creativity remains the same, the role of the Managing Director will obviously need to reorient to accommodate the new potential with Monotype Imaging.

Steinert welcomed the prospect of continuing his positive relationship with Monotype Imaging. At the end of the day, however, he preferred to give a new generation of leadership the chance to develop the new direction. With Linotype’s success firmly positioned at a new crossroads, Steinert, at Monotype Imaging’s request, will be available on a consultant basis – yet he makes clear, “I will play a marginal role at most.” Steinert has cleared his desk at Linotype and is placing full trust in his successor to guide the company to new heights.

Frank Wildenberg, the new Managing Director, takes up where Steinert leaves off. His experience at Linotype in Sales & Sales Marketing and fresh, dynamic energy have made him a natural successor. He will seek new ways to bring Linotype’s strengths to the market and sees his role in fortifying the brand in cooperation with Monotype Imaging. Wildenberg is convinced: “Thanks to the unique technology expertise at Monotype Imaging, the Linotype portfolio and design competence will find exciting new outlets of expression. A new era of growth for Linotype will begin.” A new era, Wildenberg knows, which is only possible thanks to the groundwork laid by Bruno Steinert.

Steinert’s legacy will remain an integral part of Linotype’s identity and future. He has won the respect of the industry with his commitment to maintaining the integrity of typeface designs and their creators, while facilitating fair and easy font access. His business acumen was matched by a commitment to the rights of designers and their original work, always striving to protect typefaces from pirating. Steinert also oversaw unprecedented growth and expansion of the Linotype font library. He worked closely with such typeface greats as Adrian Frutiger and Hermann Zapf, confidently spurring them on to new heights of creativity. He was a partner in every area of the company, opening doors to new designers, nurturing development, and spreading the word on the power of the right typeface in modern communication. In short, Steinert played an irreplaceable role in making Linotype the success it is today.

Linotype and Monotype Imaging would like to thank Bruno Steinert for sharing his passion and knowledge with Linotype for so many years and wish him all the best for his new projects. Linotype and Monotype Imaging also wish great success to Frank Wildenberg in his new position and visionary role. More news on fonts and future developments at Linotype can be found at

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Frank Wildenberg
Linotype’s new managing director:
Frank Wildenberg
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