Font Features

New arrivals April 2017: The elegant Antiqua Boita, the eccentric script font Fine New Bonbons, the vibrant semi-script Butterskotch and other fonts

New font arrivals for April 2017
A clear contrast in the weight and strong, almost triangular serifs add a noble note to the Antiqua Boita by Mariya V. Pigoulevskaya.
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New arrivals March 2017: The noble sans Pasarela, the distinctive Antiqua Gabriela Stencil, the diverse script collection Nefelibata and other fonts

New font arrivals for March 2017
For his noble sans Pasarela, Mendoza Vergara was inspired by current trends in fashion design.
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Graphic designer Brigitte Schuster’s favorite fonts

Die Lieblingsschriften der Grafikdesignerin Brigitte Schuster
Exclusive to Brigitte Schuster presents her favorite fonts and explains their historica context.
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Fonts in use: The favorite fonts of typeface designer Arne Freytag

The favorite fonts of typeface designer Arne Freytag
In a exclusive, Arne Freytag presents his favorite fonts and explains why and how he uses them.
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Our new arrivals for February 2017: the fresh Queulat, the strong brush font Plicata, the easygoing Quiza Pro, and other exciting fonts

New font arrivals for February 2017
While the influence of geometric fonts on Queulat by Jorge Cisterna is evident, the drop-shaped ends and in particular the significantly rounded italic adds plenty of warmth to the fresh and modern slab serif.
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New arrivals January 2016: The noble Antiqua Royal Romain, the raw, lively brush font Lullabies, the geometrical, rounded sans Aquawax and other fonts

New font arrivals January 2017
Gert Wiescher’s inspiration for the noble Royal Romain was a typeface originally designed for the French King Louis XIV.
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New arrivals December 2016: The friendly, vibrant Didone typeface Camila, the raw, hand-painted Austral Slab, the dynamically spirited Dragonflight, and more.

New font arrivals December 2016
Slightly curved terminals balance out some of the starkness of Paula Nazal Selaive’s Didone Camila.
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The Compatil type system – perfect for business reports

Typesetting annual reports always poses a number of challenges for typographers.
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New arrivals November 2016: The handmade font series Kiln, the witty, convivial sans Leuk, the beautiful and powerful slab serif Arigola and other fonts

New arrivals November 2016
Unconventional forms give the sans Leuk by Robbie de Villiers a witty and convivial character.
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New entries for October 2016: the friendly slab Sybilla, the powerful brush font Safir Script, the handmade sans Rainier and other fonts

New entries for October 2016
The robust, yet friendly and humanist shapes of the slab Sybilla by Vassil Kateliev are not just perfectly legible, they are also suited to headlines and logos.
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