Font Features

New arrivals July 2016: The dynamic calligraphic font Mila Script, the lively Book Antiqua Librum, the varied Canvas Acrylic Megafamily and other fonts

New font arrivals July 2016
Countless alternative letters, start and end shapes and swash variants make for a custom typeface in the flamboyant, very dynamic calligraphic font Mila Script by Georg Herold-Wildfellner.
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New arrivals, June 2016: The high-contrast and space-saving Antiqua TT Moons, the lively Tea Biscuit brush font, the friendly TT Prosto Sans, and others

Neuzugänge Juni 2016
The narrow Antiqua TT Moons draws attention to itself through its striking contrast in stroke width, particularly in the heavier styles.
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Generis: new styles for the flexible and modern font system by Erik Faulhaber

Erik Faulhaber has added the Thin and Heavy styles that were lacking in the Serif, Slab and Simple families.
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New arrivals May 2016: The individual and friendly sans Zega Text, the hand-painted Scrapbooker fonts, the reduced square sans Univia and others

New font arrivals May 2016
Beveled line ends, slightly conical stems, carefully rounded corners and a light contrast in the stroke width lend the sans Zega text by Isac Rodrigues a friendly, individual character.
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Oscar-winning movie fonts 2016: the fonts from the film posters

Oscar-winning Movie Fonts 2016
This year’s Oscars were awarded recently, with plenty of glamour. All eyes were on the actors, directors and technicians as they graced the red carpet and stage.
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New arrivals April 2016: The lively, monolinear sans Kleide, the striking, handwritten brush font Auburn, the friendly, rounded slab serif Decour Soft and other fonts

New font arrivals April 2016
Round, curving line ends that recall handwriting lend the monolinear sans Kleide by Nico Inosanto a friendly and lively character.
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Zapfino Extra: Hermann Zapf’s calligraphic masterpiece

Zapfino Extra
Master typeface designer Hermann Zapf published Zapfino in 1998. Despite its relatively young age, the font has been enormously popular.
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New arrivals March 2016: The friendly, lively Sans Brocha, the calligraphic, noble Dream Script, the dynamic brush font Indie and more fonts

New font arrivals March 2016
Impressions that Jorge Cisterna gathered on Easter Island make for a Latin American flair in the friendly, lively Sans Brocha.
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Veljovic Script: a very well-equipped, calligraphic brush font

Veljovic Script
The fine brush font Veljovic Script is a calligraphic masterpiece from renowned typographer Jovica Veljović.
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New arrivals February 2016: The powerful but friendly headline font Barricada, the lively Renaissance Antiqua Pona Display, the floral and funky retro font Seventies and other fonts

Neuzugänge Februar 2016
Although Lisboa Swash was designed by Ricardo Santos for larger text sizes, the lively and friendly sans serif with its humanist impact cuts a fine figure even in small sizes.
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