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Neuzugänge Dezember 2017: Die geometrische, freundliche Fibra, die dynamische Handschrift Toxic Marker, die markant-kräftige Antiqua Noort sowie weitere ganz aktuelle Schriften

Aus den Font-Neuzugängen unseres Webshops haben wir für Sie einige ganz unterschiedliche Designs ausgewählt, um Ihnen eine Auswahl an topaktuellen, zeitgemäßen Schriften aus den Bereichen Headline, Text und Kalligrafie vorzustellen. Viel Spaß beim Stöbern – lassen Sie sich inspirieren!
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New arrivals November 2017: The brush font Majorelle, the slab serif Publica Slab, the sans Northwoods and other current fonts

New font releases in November 2017
Irregular outlines and incomplete inking give the dynamic Majorelle brush font from Fanny Coulez and Julien Saurin a realistic touch.
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Wolfsblood by Jim Ford and other fonts for Halloween

Ghosts and ghouls will be stalking the streets again as darkness falls on 31 October.
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New arrivals October 2017: the lively and cheerful brush font Barley Script, the noble and distinctive Antiqua Mandrel, the friendly slab serif Sanchez Niu and other  fonts

New arrivals October 2017
With a lively, joyful and personal flair, the brush font Barley Script from Måns Grebäck attracts plenty of attention.
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New arrivals August 2017: The hand-painted slab serif Catrina, the dynamic Volina, the versatile TT Berlinerins and other fonts

New arrivals August 2017
Slightly irregular shapes and outlines lend the slab serif Catrina by Eli Hernández a hand-painted character.
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New font arrivals July 2017: The nonchalant and roughly edged brush font Somersault, the narrow didone font Rigatoni, the humanistic sans Sanserata and others

New arrivals July 2017
Casual, raw and hand-painted letters offer the brush font Somersault by Hanneke Classen a strong as well as spontaneous personality.
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New arrivals June 2017: Tropical, a brush script with a South-Pacific feel; the modern Renaissance Antiqua Garalda; the contemporary, geometrical sans Hollyday and other fonts

New font arrivals June 2017
Tropical is a collection of three typefaces by Joluvian and Alejandro Paul that capture the flair of the Caribbean.
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New arrivals May 2017: The rounded slab serif Queulat Soft, the modern sans Komet, the friendly brush font Painter and others

New font arrivals May 2017
Rounded forms support the soft, friendly character of the unique slab serif Queulat Soft by Jorge Cisterna.
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New arrivals April 2017: The elegant Antiqua Boita, the eccentric script font Fine New Bonbons, the vibrant semi-script Butterskotch and other fonts

New font arrivals for April 2017
A clear contrast in the weight and strong, almost triangular serifs add a noble note to the Antiqua Boita by Mariya V. Pigoulevskaya.
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New arrivals March 2017: The noble sans Pasarela, the distinctive Antiqua Gabriela Stencil, the diverse script collection Nefelibata and other fonts

New font arrivals for March 2017
For his noble sans Pasarela, Mendoza Vergara was inspired by current trends in fashion design.
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