Type Gallery – Bigband

Font Designer: Karlgeorg Hoefer, 1974
This particularly attractive display font was designed by the famous type designer and calligrapher Professor Karlgeorg Hoefer and has been published by the Ludwig & Maier type foundry.
The artistic effect of the words and lines is created by the constant, unpredictable changes in the inner area and outer contours of the characters. Another feature of Bigband™ is its narrow letterspacing.
Bigband is available in two weights – Bigband itself and Bigband Terrazzo, which has interesting shading. As the above example shows, the two weights can be combined effectively. Bigband is highly legible, and is a fresh, modern and striking poster display font which lends itself to numerous applications. Its numerals are very well suited to supermarket pricing, for example.
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Bigband as a PDF.

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