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LinoLetter 2005/02

What a Bargain! Five Outstanding Stencil Fonts

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We have four special offers in store for our readers this month: first, Linotype’s design experts have pulled together five of their most interesting stencil fonts into the new Stencil Value Pack, on sale now at an unbeatable price! Also this month, we are pleased to present the unconventional Varius fonts, as well as a recap of the many revivals of the Renaissance Garamond typefaces available in our Webshop, and notice of a recently released DVD documentary film about the life of the virtuoso contemporary type designer Adrian Frutiger.
For all lovers, February 14th is the highlight of the year. Our Valentine’s Day font collection will help put you in the right mood to celebrate this extraordinary day.

Have fonts of fun!

Stencil Value Pack: Download five fantastic stencil fonts at once

Stencil Value Pack
If you have been on the lookout for a round up of some of the best-loved modern stencil fonts, then look no further: Linotype has collected its five favorite examples in one low-cost value pack. These fonts provide the perfect touch to documents requiring tactile headlines or display elements. Let them inspire your next project!
Special sale for the month of February only: get the complete Stencil Value Pack for just USD/EUR 29,50! Download now!

Varius Font Family: A noble text design in six styles

The shapes of the f-holes on a violin reminded German designer André Maaßen of an italic letter "f". Maaßen used these captivating contours as the basis unit for his type family, Varius, an elegant and creative family of text fonts that deserves special attention for its excellent use of OpenType alternate glyphs and ligatures. The Varius family also includes a font of musical symbols and notations, as well as an elegant ornaments font that can be used in conjunction with the text fonts or on its own to create beautiful borders and individual decorative elements.
Varius is well-suited for use in many applications, including body text, headlines, posters, book design, screen design, and even corporate identity design. Setting Varius in different sizes allows all of the facets of its design to come forward: the effects are as versatile as the possibilities!
Check out the Varius family here

Garamond: A peek behind the classic name

Punch cutter and publisher Claude Garamond (ca. 1480–1561) created typefaces and books that profoundly influenced the future development of typography. The Linotype Library has several digital fonts inspired by Garamond’s old style typefaces; though they vary in design and exact model of origin, each is considered a distinct representation of French Renaissance style, easily recognizable by its elegance and readability. Garamond’s work went on to influence future generations of type designers, many of whose designs have been revived by the Linotype Library over time as well. Typefaces falling under the Garamond-pedigree include Stempel Garamond, Adobe Garamond, ITC Garamond, Simoncini Garamond, Garamond #3, Garamond No 5, ITC Garamond Handtooled, and Garamond Classico.
Dive into the world of Garamond, and pick out the fonts that are best for you

The Man of Black and White: An Adrian Frutiger documentary DVD

Adrian Frutiger documentary DVD
Adrian Frutiger is one of the most important type designers of the modern age. He has created more than thirty typefaces, including the world-renowned Meridien, Univers, and Frutiger families. This straightforward yet sensitive film is a visual portrait of the brilliant designer and his work. It presents Adrian Frutiger’s extraordinary achievements in a new way, giving prominence to him as well as to his relationship with nature and the great influence it played on his entire life.
"The Man of Black and White," from award-winning documentary filmmaker Christoph Frutiger, is now available on DVD exclusively from the Linotype Webshop.
Order your copy now offers a wide variety of possibilities that may help you find the right typeface or font package, as well as the chance to try the fonts out and make a purchase. This month, check out our Valentine Value Pack, and get up to speed on OpenType, the new and flexible cross-platform font format.

Valentine Fonts

Valentine Fonts
February 14th is the romantic highlight of the year, and Linotype has just the thing for you this Valentine’s Day. Our Valentine Value Pack includes affectionate calligraphic scripts, handwriting, and symbol fonts that should appeal both to young lovers and lovers of the young at heart.
Download them now for your sweetheart, or for any personal Valentine’s Day designs, before time runs out!

OpenType is a new cross-platform font format, collaboratively developed by Adobe and Microsoft. OpenType fonts offer many advanced typographic features to their users, including the capability to switch between alternate glyphs, and to set multiple languages and writing systems. To date, Linotype offers over 1,600 fonts in the OpenType format.
Learn more ...
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