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Kairos® Sans

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Kairos® Sans font family

Designed by  Terrance Weinzierl in 2015

Up to 1 Family / 1 Value Packs
Supports at least 89 languages (W1G / OT CFF)

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Supports up to 90 languages.

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Supports up to 20 OpenType features.

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The Kairos™ Sans family melds 19th century wood type design traits from fonts called Grecians with current-as-today sans serif letterforms. The distinctive octagonal corners of the original design are still there, but Kairos Sans has been streamlined through the sensitive shaving of its serifs.Drawn by Terrance Weinzierl to complement his Kairos family, Kairos Sans provides a natural counterpoint sans serif design and stands on its own as a powerful communication tool for everything from two-foot high display copy to the smallest sizes of text content. Kairos Sans is available in 48 styles; 8 weights in three widths, all with matching italics. In addition to a full Latin character set that support most Eastern and Western European languages, it also has the necessary characters to support Greek and Cyrillic scripts.

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Kairos® Sans Complete Family Pack

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