Linotype introduces OpenType collections – June 2, 2006

New OpenType Collections 1.0

Bad Homburg, June 2nd, 2006. Linotype introduces the largest compilation of original fonts available in OpenType format: 4 CDs containing a total of over 2,505 OpenType fonts. One CD features Linotype originals (with classics Helvetica™ and Univers™), another has new discoveries from the Linotype TakeType collection, a third CD offers a wide selection of fonts from ITC, and a fourth contains over a thousand fonts from Adobe and other assorted foundries. Whether purchased separately or as a complete set of 4 CDs, the price savings are significant in comparison to buying each font separately.

Linotype is committed to converting all the fonts it offers – not only its own – into the OpenFont format: a long-term goal for which the first milestone has definitely been set with this collection. It contains a total of 2,505 OpenType fonts. For the first time, all of these fonts are now available in four competitively priced collections. Yet by dividing the compilation into four parts, customers have a higher degree of flexibility and are able to purchase individual CDs in accordance with their interests and needs. An unprecedented offer which makes it considerably more attractive to invest in good typography.

The “Linotype Originals Collection 1.0” features 744 OpenType fonts from Linotype’s rich typographic tradition – owing greatly to the expertise of leading type designers Adrian Frutiger, Hans Eduard Meier, Gerard Unger and Hermann Zapf. Naturally, the collection features all-time classics such as Optima™, Frutiger™, Univers™, Avenir™, Sabon™, Stempel Garamond™, Trade Gothic™, Zapfino™ Extra and many more. Helvetica™ is one of the major highlights as well, including all 51 styles of Neue Helvetica as well as the comprehensive Helvetica World with full Latin, Central European, Cyrillic, Greek, Arab, and Hebrew character sets. And speaking of foreign language compatibility, all in all, 148 fonts in the collection support Central European languages, 23 support Cyrillic characters, 8 have complete Greek character sets – plus, there are 34 Arabic fonts as well.

The “TakeType Collection 1.0” includes a total of 283 OpenType fonts, almost all new discoveries exclusive to Linotype. The TakeType fonts are especially renowned for their freshness and vitality, including many from up and coming designers who have participated in the Linotype TakeType Contest. Some of the more well known fonts in this collection include Beret™, Bix Bats™, Bohemia™ and the well-rounded forms of Seebad™.

ITC typefaces are arguably among the most widely known in the world. A total of 442 OpenType fonts are available in the “ITC Collection 1.0”. Some of the fonts thus equipped with state-of-the-art features include ITC Avant Garde Gothic®, ITC Bodoni™ and ITC Garamond® just to name a few examples. By combining the successful ITC fonts with the Fontek fonts from Letraset, the collection features the work of an impressive number of top type designers such as Edward Benguiat, Colin Brignall, Timothy Donaldson and Phill Grimshaw. 32 of the fonts support Central European languages.

With an astounding total of 1,036 OpenType fonts, the “Assorted Collection 1.0” features a wide selection of Adobe, Monotype, Bauer and several other suppliers. Some of the more popular fonts include well-structured families from Minion™, Myriad™ and Kepler® to families like Bauer Bodoni™, Folio® and Futura® as well as many typeface classics such as Bembo™, Gill® and Rockwell™. From all 1,036 OpenType Fonts, 351 include an expanded Central European character set. Furthermore, 141 fonts include Greek character sets (coming from Lithos™, Minion, Myriad, and Warnock typeface families), and 136 include Cyrillic (coming from the Minion, Myriad, and Warnock typeface families).

Designed specifically for modern operating systems like MacOS X and Microsoft Windows XP, OpenType fonts are not only compatible across platforms, but also across many cultures, thanks to their capacity for a significantly larger number of glyphs. Linotype takes full advantage of this capacity by offering three categories of OpenType fonts: Standard (Std), with character sets supporting 21 languages; Professional (Pro) which supports 33 languages; and Communication (Com) which supports a total of 48 languages. While other OpenType compilations have comparable standard and professional versions, thanks to the standardized Linotype extended character set (LEEC), only Linotype is in the position to offer the Com category. The new collections are thereby ideal for users with global business and communication needs, e.g. with affiliates and partners in Eastern European, Arab countries or other markets in Asia and the Near East.

Another key advantage of this unique Linotype offering is the flexibility to license the fonts for the exact number of workstations needed, starting with as few as 10 workstations per license. Additional workstations may be added incrementally as needed, providing customers with maximum flexibility. Further information and pricing details are available at

Linotype GmbH, based in Bad Homburg, Germany and a member of the Heidelberg Group, looks back onto a history of 120 years. Building on its strong heritage, Linotype develops state-of-the-art font technology and offers more than 6,500 original typefaces, covering the whole typographic spectrum from antique to modern, from east to west, and from classical to experimental. All typefaces (in PostScript™ and TrueType™ format as well as more than 2,500 fonts in OpenType™) are now also available for instant download at In addition to supplying digital fonts, Linotype also offers comprehensive and individual consultation and support services for font applications in worldwide (corporate) communication.

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New Linotype OpenType Collections
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