A new language is born: Linotype Facts of Life™ – August, 1999

Bad Homburg, August 1999:

"I think the personality of the pictograms are time-less and can forever articulate the aspects of the human comedy as it unrolls through time." With this statement, Massimo Vignelli captures the essence of Pippo Lionni’s newest work. Lionni is one of the first designers to create a symbolic language system as a typeface, edited by Linotype Library.

"We will explain the facts of life later", says a parent to a child. Lionni, father of two, has come up with an effective way to avoid this typical response. In fact, he has created a tool to improve this kind of communication, as well as communication in general. Real questions about life are inevitably questions about identity, morality, sexuality and survival, Lionni explains. His typeface, "Facts of Life", is like poetry. In combining mathematical symbols with his own symbols, Lionni enables the user to express complicated ideas in a simple and creative way.

In a world of global communication, Lionni’s "Facts of Life" typeface offers an alternative to spoken language. It bridges the communication gap because, as a visual language, it is universal: no words, no grammar – only ideas. Lionni gives life to static symbols in such a way that anybody can "speak" it. "It‘s so easy, even a child can use it!", says Sabrina, 11 years old. She was the first user of the font before its official release. The print shop of the Gutenberg-Museum in Mainz (Germany) was the ideal setting fo this trial. In just a few minutes and with much enjoyment, Sabrina was able to create her own story.

The "Linotype Facts of Life" font can be easily installed on any computer (Mac/Windows PC). The font can also be downloaded from the Internet (www.linotypelibrary.com). The first 50 customers will receive a special gift: a book created by the designer, Pippo Lionni, expressing his vision of the "Facts of Life" on 100 pages.

"Facts of Life is the perfect tool for people
who want to be different." Pippo Lionni

Linotype Facts of Life™ is available from:
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http://www.LinotypeLibrary.com • e-mail [email protected]

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