New media bring dynamic growth to typeface market – but typeface piracy mut be stopped! – August, 1999

Bad Homburg, August 1999:

Type remains a basic medium of communication, above all in the new media.Millions of new users are turning to typefaces through the digitization of the media and the widening use of publishing computers. These possibilities of growth in the typeface branch call for new ays of distribution, service and marketing. At the same time it is necessary to counter increasing software piracy effectively. This should be made possible by means of an innovative e-commerce system for typefaces, introduced by Linotype Library as [email protected] under

“As a leading supplier of typefaces, we have set ourselves the goal of making quality faces available everywhere, in the easiest possible way and at the most attractive price ”, says Bruno Steinert,managing director of the Linotype Library in Bad Homburg,Germany. “We have succeeded in that by means of our Electronic Software Distribution system [email protected] We are simultaneously enhancing our worldwide presence and drastically reducing our sales and distribution costs ”, he continued, “and passing on the price advantages directly to the customer ”. Linotype Library wants to counter two trends: the growing spread of tricky cut-price offers, often with illegally copied typefaces, and typeface piracy by the user, which is no trivial matter but a punishable offence.

Ease of use and convenience as guidelines for online sales
In developing [email protected], Linotype Library followed the principle of obtaining maximum benefit from the system with maximum simplicity of operation. Even users with no previous experience of online purchasing immediately take to the system thanks to its clear structure and online aids and can profit from its handy buying methods. In the test phase of [email protected], users have confirmed that it makes typeface buying a really enjoyable experience “because you can gain new ideas as well as safely finding what you want ”. Access to and use of [email protected] are as easy as can be. Having selected the system at the start page, one can register as a user and then click the Start button. [email protected] starts up immediately and leads directly to the selection menu for the range of typefaces.

The search for and finding of typefaces has been particularly well thought out and implemented.Unlike the usual procedure, catalogues,the user does not have to struggle through complicated indexes which mostly list typeface names known only to the expert.Instead,a
Browser-supported search system allows the user to find a typeface by a variety of self-chosen criteria such as Basics,Usage,Name,History, Styles &Moods,Calculation and Serifs.These criteria can be usefully combined with one another.Search results are displayed within seconds and are supplemented by specific data about formats and so on.

Finding, choosing and buying typefaces immediately
Selected typefaces can be displayed in their own font information categories as in a type specimen book. If need be,the user can open or load a PDF in the FontSampler, for printout as a high-resolution specimen. One interesting option for those who do not want to purchase a typeface is to input short texts, e.g.for headlines, which can be allocated as GIF files by Linotype Library. The user can inspect the pricelist, or check his orders by shopping cart,at any time. An important additional benefit for the convenience of operation is available in case the connection becomes broken during the shopping procedure, when [email protected] holds the Shopping Cart information in memory. The user can then start again exactly where he left off.

The buying procedure itself is designed for convenience and easy supervision. Where a selection has been made, the credit card information is checked on-the-fly and the typeface released for downloading. For users networked to Firewalls, the typeface file can be included as an e-mail attachment. From [email protected], users can also link up with the comprehensive online range of the Linotype Library under the website, which during the past four years has established itself as an easily accessible portal site for typefaces and typography. Here there is a wealth of useful information about new typefaces, type designers, contests,events and so on. In the Linotype Library ’s new One-Stop-Shop, the offer includes books on typography and design,Software/Utilities and more.

Summary: Linotype Library has brought typefaces completely into the 21st century with [email protected] The innovative and comprehensive range gives typeface users round-the-clock buying facilities for high-quality faces at highly competitive prices and with excellent service.

Customer benefits in the foreground
Here are some of the main advantages of [email protected] as an innovative system of E-Commerce for typeface software:

Round-the-clock buying facilities with maximum security
Immediate availability of the product after buying it
Comprehensive information and good advice through patented Linotype FontExplorer™ Browser
Font Information section shows type specimens and gives important additional information
The FontSampler supplies PDF files of all typefaces for downloading,which can be printed
out as high-resolution specimens
Links with One-Stop-Shop and Linotype Font-Portal extend the service to become a unique, complete offer for typefaces and typography.

Linotype GmbH – a subsidiary of the Heidelberg Group – offers one of the largest font libraries of original-cut typefaces using today’s state of the art technology.
To date there are more than 4700 PostScript and TrueType fonts available for Mac and PC and the Linotype FontExplorer, on CD or on the Internet, makes them accessible anytime, anywhere.
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