"okakura": Adrian Frutiger – TypoArchitecture – September 27, 1999

"okakura":Adran Frutiger – TypoArchitecture
International Design Centre, Berlin, to show innovative exhibition of FHTW Berlin and Linotype Library products

Berlin/Bad Homburg, 27. September 1999:

"Typefaces must be so designed that the reader does not notice them. Where they incorporate the right expression they should make for comfortable reading, since good typefaces are both banal and beautiful at the same time." Such is the design philosophy of the world-famous type and graphic design artist Adrian Frutiger. The Swiss designer has been responsible for 180 designs which bring typography before the general public and will be displayed in Berlin from 21st October.

Frutiger’s typefaces show the way to millions of people every day – among other places in the Paris Charles-de-Gaulle Airport, the Paris Metro, the famous museum Neue Pinakothek in Munich as well as the Technical University of Munich-Garching. The concept of TypoArchitecture, applied to the Berlin exhibition, combines important aspects of type design and architecture for the first time in this way. Architecture places the rebuilt space three-dimensionally in relation to its environment, while lettering is a two-dimensional medium which lives from the tension between space and material, between black and white. The close relationships between lettering and architecture will become apparent in the exhibition, with acrylic glass objects, passable and movable installations, construction drawings and an animation of type transformations. Thus the "invisible" work of the typeface designer becomes clear and literally tangible.

"okakura: Adrian Frutiger TypoArchitecture" is a joint project of the Berlin International Design Centre, the Communication Design faculty of the Technical and Commercial University of Berlin and the typeface supplier Linotype GmbH of Bad Homburg.

Opening of exhibition: Wednesday 20th October, 7 pm
Opening times: Daily from 11 am to 7 pm, 21st October to 3rd November
Location: Oberbaum City, Gebäude 4, Rotherstrasse 2, D-10245 Berlin Friedrichshain

Linotype GmbH – a subsidiary of the Heidelberg Group – offers one of the largest font libraries of original-cut typefaces using today’s state of the art technology.
To date there are more than 4700 PostScript and TrueType fonts available for Mac and PC and the Linotype FontExplorer, on CD or on the Internet, makes them accessible anytime, anywhere.
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