Frutiger® Serif font family

Designed by  Adrian Frutiger in 2008
Akira Kobayashi in 2008

About Frutiger® Serif font family

Frutiger® Serif is a re-envisioning of Meridien,a typeface first released by Deberny & Peignot during the 1950s. Working closely with Adrian Frutiger, Linotype's Type Director Akira Kobayashi expanded the original metal type version of Meridien into a new digital family of 20 variants. Renamed Frutiger Serif, this up-to-date Meridien has new weights, widths, and styles that correspond better with several other of Frutiger's designs. Just as Meridien has always been a fine choice for text settings, Frutiger Serif works brilliantly for large amounts of text & also at small point sizes. With its many weights and styles, this family is strong enough for most typographic projects. However, its added versatility is revealed when used in combination with other fonts. Frutiger Serif works well with the original Frutiger, Frutiger Next, and Univers - just to name a few. Paring these serif and sans serif families together is perfect for creating complex hierarchies and clear information design. Working with complicated typographic systems - involving elements such as headlines, captions, pull quotes, multilingual text, etc - is made easy by selecting Frutiger Serif and another of Frutiger's sans serif families. The designer needs simply to mix and match different weights and styles for the various textual elements to create smart and innovative layouts.
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Frutiger® SerifFrutiger® Serif

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Frutiger Serif

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