Interactive conference documentation sets the standard in typography and design – August 31, 2000

Bad Homburg, 31.August 2000.

The participants of typo [media ]2000 as well as anyone else who is interested have the chance at a glimpse back at the conference, its workshops and its exhibitions at Typo [media ]2000 was held at the end of June in Mainz and attracted typographers,designers and others from the field to discuss the theme "Type in the Media". Text and video, hundreds of digital photos as well as flash animation turn the online reports into a virtual experience of the three days of the conference.

Otmar Hoefer, Marketing director at Linotype Library, explains the concept of the event documentation: "In past years we released carefully designed documentation in newspapers and books and they met with much approval and were in high demand. For Gutenberg Year 2000, virtual reports seemed the most appropriate to us, as we could then use the Internet to reach a much larger public worldwide." The online concept has the character of a broadcast,with a graphic running commentary at the bottom of the screen composed of hundreds of digital photos taken at the conference. All photos can be enlarged with a click of the mouse. A photo of each presenter appears on the main page and a click brings you to a report about the presentation and sometimes even to an MPEG movie. As befits an international conference, all texts are available in both German and English.

Conception and editing of the typo [media ]2000 online reports: Andreas Weber, Mainz. Design and artistic direction: Robert Chi, DesignSkeptic, Inc.,New York. Web hosting and programming: Barbara Seidel,Bad Homburg and Rainer Fuest, Signalwerk, Mainz.

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To date there are more than 4700 PostScript and TrueType fonts available for Mac and PC and the Linotype FontExplorer, on CD or on the Internet, makes them accessible anytime, anywhere.
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