Linotype Library presents entire New Helvetica™ family on a single CD – June 21, 2001

Font classic Helvetica now available in all 51 weights

Bad Homburg, June 21, 2001

The popularity of the font classic Helvetica™ as a corporate typeface has been growing for more than 40 years. Developed by Linotype, it has been known as New Helvetica™ since 1983. And in June, to mark this popularity, Linotype Library launched the first ever CD containing the entire New Helvetica™ family.

The CD contains all 51 weights of the legendary sans serif in PostScript and TrueType fonts for the Mac and PC, including the Euro symbol for all weights, and all for a user-friendly price of just Euro 354,28.

This product demonstrates Linotype Library’s commitment to meeting the booming demand for this font from designers, advertising creatives and industry. The New Helvetica™ is a timeless, versatile font whose constructivist character affords it a classical modernity that is unrivaled by any other typeface. Apple Computers has also recognized this trend and has integrated seven of the 51 weights into its latest OS 10 system.
The New Helvetica™ is famed for its harmonious structure, outstanding legibility, wealth of weights and neutrality. "It lends character to corporate design, but does not dominate it. That’s why many global companies, for example Ford, BMW or Deutsche Bahn, have opted for the New Helvetica™ as their corporate typeface - and yet still manage to retain their individuality", states Otmar Hoefer, Head of Product Marketing at Linotype GmbH, highlighting the benefits of the New Helvetica™.

The origins of the Helvetica™ go back to 1957, when a sales employee of the Haas’sche Schriftgiesserei font foundry named Max Miedinger developed a new font which was named "New Haas Sans Serif". The foundry was later taken over by D. Stempel AG, which in turn became part of Linotype GmbH. At Stempel, the name Helvetica was born and over the years the Helvetica™ has undergone constant improvement and development by a number of experts. Digitization, modern printing processes and changes in reading habits prompted a careful revision of every single character during the 1980s. In 1983, Linotype launched the New Helvetica™ onto the market, featuring a 54-unit system offering even more type styles and finer graduations in the stroke thicknesses, standardized stylistic representation of narrow, normal and broad variants and the same upper-case heights for all styles. Moreover, the font type now combines lower-case letters of the same visual height, more robust punctuation marks that are therefore less sensitive during reproduction, and a new system of numbers. This evolutionary development has helped make the world’s most popular font family even more attractive.

Further information and examples of how the font can be used are available at

Linotype GmbH – a member of the Heidelberg Group – supplies cutting-edge font technology and can boast one of the world’s largest libraries of original fonts. Its portfolio currently includes more than 4,700 PostScript and TrueType fonts for Mac and PC. Linotype FontExplorer, a browser and navigation system, can be employed for optimum results. Since the beginning of this year, it has been possible to order all fonts both on CD and online for immediate delivery.

The new Linotype Font Identifier is a patented system for rapid identification of individual fonts. Guiding the user through a simple sequence of questions, the Linotype Font Identifier pinpoints that unknown font fast. This useful tool is available free of charge on the internet at
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