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New font edition of the Platinum Collection – June 29, 2001

Bad Homburg, June 29, 2001

Frutiger™ has been one of the most popular Linotype Library fonts for almost 25 years. Originally designed as a signing font for the Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, Frutiger™ has been used in a whole range of applications where clear, easily legible text is required – particularly in small point sizes for body type. In 1997, after Linotype Univers™ as redesigned, Adrian Frutiger set about redesigning the Frutiger™ and the results are no available in extended form as the Linotype Frutiger™ NEXT.

"The fascinating feature of Frutiger™ has always been its legibility and concise character", explains Otmar Hoefer, Director of Font Marketing at Linotype Library. "The forms and proportions of the Frutiger™ have been based on old style types and create visual stimuli which make the font appealing and lively". Pronounced ascenders and descenders enhance legibility, while uppercase letters and numerals give the appearance of being smaller and thereby enhance the flow of the line. This is the basis of the new Linotype Frutiger™ NEXT which harmonizes the different stroke thicknesses and letterspacings used hitherto in order to ensure that all weights can be combined with optimum results.

The Linotype Frutiger™ NEXT has three styles – Regular, Italic and Condensed, each with six stroke thicknesses. It no longer has a linear mathematical weighting, but is incremented using aesthetic criteria, since greater emphasis is given to the optical effect of the stroke thicknesses. The result is that the bold weights become more concise in appearance. The text no longer looks constructed, but appears to have been individually designed. A greater number of weights means that different applications are possible. No matter which stroke thickness is used for the basic type, there are always suitable forms of accentuation.

Broad spectrum of applications for the Linotype Frutiger™ NEXT
Communication both inside and outside the company today takes place within an increasingly diverse spectrum of applications such as office communication, printed matter, multimedia, the Internet and complex information systems. Linotype Frutiger™ NEXT is taking up this challenge by providing users with a complete font system consisting of a total of 18 weights that offer convincing results in both small and large point sizes and can be combined in a whole variety of ways. "Communication can be put on a systematic footing with the new Linotype Frutiger™ NEXT in order to ensure that increasing quantities of information can be communicated efficiently and appropriately to the needs of the target group", summarizes Otmar Hoefer. A claim already evidenced by a number of applications such as the Munich Culture Forum with the Alte Pinakothek collection of paintings which uses Linotype Frutiger™ NEXT for labeling purposes as well as for brochures, posters and displays.

The Linotype Frutiger™ NEXT joins the Linotype Syntax™ and Linotype Univers™ in the Linotype Platinum Collection. These fonts have been painstakingly digitized for professional typographers using new drafts of the original typeface designers. All the fonts in the Platinum Collection are continuing Linotype’s long tradition of ensuring the very highest typographical quality. Linotype Library and its exclusive distributors are only supplying the fonts as a complete font family in the special Platinum Collection.

All weights of the Linotype Frutiger™ NEXT on the hybrid CD-ROM for Macintosh and PC/Windows are available in PostScript and True Type format. The price in Germany is EUR 630 plus shipping.

Further information and examples of how the font can be used are available at

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