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Linotype gains High Court judgement in UK font copyright case – September 19, 2001

London, September 19, 2001

Linotype Library has won its High Court claim against Cambridge software publisher GreenStreet Technologies (GST) for infringing the copyright in the design of a number of its typefaces, including Neue Helvetica.

Linotype, together with its parent Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, brought its case to the High Court of Justice, Chancery Division, in March 2001 claiming that GST was infringing the copyright of the design of four typeface families from the Linotype Library – Arcadia, Duc de Berry, Herculanum and Neue Helvetica. Linotype’s claim was based on the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. On 24th July Mr Justice Etherton issued the order against GST injuncting against further infringements and to deliver up and destroy all infringing materials and provide Linotype with a comprehensive list of all parties from whom the fonts were obtained and to whom they were sold. The issue of damages continues to be pursued.

Linotype had earlier purchased samples of four of GST products – 100 Fonts True Type, 500 Fantastic Fonts, 1000 Professional Fonts and 2000 Fonts Collection to gain its evidence against the company. A total of 122 fonts were found to infringe Linotype’s intellectual property rights, prompting its high level action against the publisher.

Bruno Steinert, general manager of Linotype Library emphasised the significance of the win. "This judgement against GST marks an important stage of our fight against font piracy that is rife among low-cost consumer aimed software products around the world. The UK is a prime market for high quality fonts and this High Court order supporting our claim for copyright, particularly in respect of Neue Helvetica™, is a milestone achievement for the whole type industry. Our policy of pursuing whatever means available to assert our legal rights is paying off and will continue."

Linotype GmbH – a member of the Heidelberg Group – supplies cutting-edge font technology and can boast one of the world’s largest libraries of original fonts. Its portfolio currently includes more than 5200 PostScript and TrueType fonts for Mac and PC. Linotype FontExplorer, a browser and navigation system, can be employed for optimum results. In Spring 2001 the typeface portal was completely revised and FontExplorer was integrated into the website.
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